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Women And Manufacturing Podcast

Where accomplished women empower accomplished women.

Frances Brunelle, Host

Creating an Innovative Culture that will Make People Stay with Cara Macklin

Today we talk to Cara Macklin, a business coach and the founder and CEO of Caram, a success coaching firm. Cara is a serial entrepreneur and a leading businesswoman in Northern Ireland. She was the director for 15 years of a multi-million, and multi-award-winning hospitality and healthcare group, growing it from three businesses with only 200 employees to seven businesses with over 600 employees. Listening in you’ll hear what innovative culture is, as well as how to engage people properly and bring them along with you as a leader. Tune in today to find out what an entrepreneur should be doing to create a culture that makes people want to stay!

Step Ahead in Garment Manufacturing with Gabrielle Ferrara

Manufacturing garments for the likes of Ralph Lauren to the United States Coast Guard, our guest today is also the recipient of the Step Ahead Award from The Manufacturing Institute. Today we welcome to the show, Gabrielle Ferrara. Gabrielle is the Chief Operating Officer at Ferrara Manufacturing, a family-owned and operated. Gabrielle leads the company’s strategic development, integration of new technologies, and day-to-day operations. Her work supports tailored goods production for prestigious organizations such as Ralph Lauren, The Purple Label, and many more. Join us as we dive into a great conversation with Gabrielle about her company!

Enhancing Manufacturing Productivity through Software with Deb Geiger

Today on the Women and Manufacturing Podcast, we talk about how the right software systems can greatly improve productivity. We are joined by Deb Geiger, the VP of global marketing at Aegis Software. Today Deb introduces us to the truly unique and highly adaptive manufacturing operations management platform that Aegis supplies. Listening in, you’ll hear how this software differs from an ERP system, the types of data their ontological data system produces, and how it contextualizes data in a meaningful way.

Enterprise Software for Project-Based Businesses with Shina Neo

Today on the WAM podcast, Fran welcomes Shina Neo, the editorial director and media relations specialist at Adeaca.  At Adeaca Shina works with Project-based businesses that have unique challenges that are very different from traditional service industries. While many project businesses use traditional ERP systems, they don’t really work for them because they are not built with projects in mind.

Unpacking the Loan Process with SBA Lender-Turned-Expert, Michelle Orr

Today on the WAM podcast, Fran welcomes Michelle Orr of Live Oak Bank, the number one SBA lender in the nation for the past three years in a row and a great option for financing M&A deals. Hear about what you can expect when applying for an SBA loan, what funds you should have beyond a down payment before applying, and how you can prepare for the due diligence process. Given that this is such a good time to acquire, make sure to tune in today!

The Future of Robotics: Autonomous Solutions with Maggie Oltarzewski of Balyo

Today on the WAM podcast, Fran welcomes Maggie Oltarzewski, the Sales and Marketing Engineer for Balyo AGV Systems. Balyo is a company doing some truly incredible things in the tech industry. Maggie talks about the partnerships that they’ve established for the manufacturing of their robots, as well as the autonomous transformation that’s currently going on and how it’s allowing companies to scale at a faster rate. Tune in today to hear her incredible story!

Being a Leader in Automation with Daniela Dubois

Today’s WAM podcast guest Daniela Dubois is a Product Manager at Engineering Intent — the world’s leading provider of enterprise and engineering automation tools and solutions, and the developer of Knowledge Bridge. With more than 14 years of experience in engineering automation development, product and project management, and strategic planning of automation development, Daniela brings a fresh perspective to the manufacturing and engineering fields.

Building a Thriving Community with Kathryn Kelley

When the COVID-19 pandemic overtook our “normal” way of life, it also greatly impacted the manufacturing industry. Today’s WAM podcast guest, Kathryn Kelley, is the Executive Director of Ohio Manufacturing Institute. In this episode, Kathryn dives into the biggest challenges the manufacturing workforce faced as a direct result of the pandemic — from the upfront health and safety concerns to the struggles of finding skilled workforce and sourcing products that faced supply chain shortages.

Empowering Employees and Developing Sustainable Growth with Sheryl Corrigan

In today’s episode, Frances Brunelle speaks with Sheryl Corrigan, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Koch Industries, about what sets their company apart from other companies of its size. Sheryl explains how Koch’s founding principles of experimentation and entrepreneurship continue to guide the company in pursuing disruptive technologies as well as the competitive advantage that comes with manufacturing. They also discuss how disruption can be a disaster, additive manufacturing, and why Sheryl prefers to do business with private companies. For all this and more, join us today!

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