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Women And Manufacturing Podcast

Where accomplished women empower accomplished women.

Going Digital in a Modern Market with Anna Korolekh of Oro Inc.

Today we welcome, Anna Korolekh Marketing Director at Oro, Inc. In this episode, we explore the incredible opportunities that arise from taking your business online. We open our conversation by unpacking Oro’s product offerings and how they help companies to digitize their business. We dive right into the important role that Client Relationship Management Systems — or CRMs — play when engaging with customers. From discussing how CRMs increase the efficiency of sales teams, we chat about how eCommerce can unlock quick and exponential business scaling. Tune in to hear more about how going digital is becoming a manufacturing standard.

Recognizing Opportunities, Solving Problems, and Finding Need with Courtney Wright

Courtney is the CEO of Gemini Builds It! and Showcase Acrylics. She is one woman who is making manufacturing cool in Chicago! In today’s episode, we delve into how Courtney and her team made an incredibly timely pivot providing a key product for the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic. She talks more about how she is driven to solve problems, continually finding new opportunities, and shares great advice about failing fast and prioritizing growth. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation with Courtney Wright.

ERP Software Systems with Theresa Santiago

Theresa Santiago, an Account Executive with COUNTERPART. COUNTERPART, powered by Smooth Logics, is a full-business operating software solution for engineers to order manufacturers. It is one total business solution, and it is not modular — it is a smart and dynamic software solution for both purchasing and inventory manufacturing. Listen in as we talk about all things ERP systems and why they are beneficial for manufacturing companies.

Proper Planning and Wealth Protection with Rachel Lower

Business owners often neglect planning because they are busy working in the business rather than thinking about the next step. This is why it’s important to bring in a third-party to help with planning and looking to the future. Today’s guest is Rachel Lower, President of Cornerstone Advisors. In this episode, Rachel explains Cornerstone’s mission and their passion for helping businesses endure. She also sheds light on some of the tools Cornerstone uses to help their clients plan and protect wealth such as trusts and life insurance. Wealth transference and protection should go hand in hand with business growth, but Rachel acknowledges that this is not always the case when owners are in the weeds running their companies.

Rita Tabatchnick, President of Tabatchnick Fine Foods

Family-owned takes on a whole new meaning, something much larger to our guest today on the WAM podcast. In this episode, we heartily welcome Rita Tabatchnick. Rita is the President of Tabatchnick Fine Foods, a nationally recognized soup company with over 30 varieties of hearty soups and broths. In today’s episode we talk about all things family and women-owned business, where they’re operating in the markets, the reason behind their product lines, how they’re navigating new FDA regulations, how they work to give back to their community, and more! So stay tuned for yet another inspiring episode with a firehouse woman in the manufacturing industry.

Smart Glasses, Accessories, and Robotics with Johanna Bellenberg

Today we welcome to the show Johanna Bellenberg, joining us all the way from Germany. Johanna is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Picavi, an award-winning service provider with 100 percent dedication of its intra-logistics and wearable expertise to Pick-by-Vision solutions. In today’s episode we talk about all things related to their Picky-by-Vision products and solutions, accessories, functionality, ideal customers, and much more, so stay tuned as we dive into this amazing product!

Kim Alford, Production manager of KAM Tool & Die.

Today on the WAM Podcast, we welcome Kim Alford, who is the production manager of KAM Tool & Die of B-Square Precision Group located in Zebulon, North Carolina. Having been a part of this prestigious company since it’s founding in 1995, Kim brings extensive, time-tested expertise in production planning, human resources, and accounting to the manufacturing space. Kim offers valuable insight into not only the production side of manufacturing but also the financial side of it. She also explains the process of being with the company from the time it started as a small company within a garage and only 2 machines, to becoming one of the biggest names in manufacturing and how to maintain integrity and quality through every stage of growth.

Jessica Ginsberg, Director of Business Development at LFM Capital

In this episode, Jessica talks about why LFM Capital is different from other firms, including the way in which they approach private equity. We discuss LFM’s business development, investment, and acquisition strategies, and Jessica highlights the importance of valuing the culture and legacy of a business. Jessica outlines some of the companies in LFM’s portfolio and explains how LFM has facilitated growth and an increase in revenue. For more on LFM Capital and private equity, tune in today!

Jaimie Petrow, Head of Business Development at Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers

In this episode, Frances and Jaimie discuss all of the ins and outs of buying and selling manufacturing companies, from necessary documents and information to the risks involved and the duration of transition. Jaimie highlights the importance of trust and transparency when dealing with her clients and why respecting the legacy of a company is essential, as is maintaining the relationship between buyer and seller. She also shares the value of documented standard operating procedures, and touches on the due diligence process and the stamina and patience required to follow through with a transaction. Don’t miss this incredibly informative episode!

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