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Women And Manufacturing Podcast

Where accomplished women empower accomplished women.

Frances Brunelle, Host

Enabling Innovation through 3D CAD Model Software with Patricia Hume

In today’s episode of Women and Manufacturing, Fran Brunelle is joined by Patricia Hume, to celebrate women in manufacturing from the shop floor to the c-suite! Patricia Hume a leader whose career in software and high tech spans four decades, including 20 years at C-level, Patricia Hume is responsible for the creation and execution of the Canvas strategic vision.

Future Mavens of Manufacturing with Meaghan Ziemba

In today’s episode, Fran Brunelle is joined by brand storyteller and manufacturing marketer, Meaghan Ziemba, to celebrate women in manufacturing from the shop floor to the c-suite! . In this episode, Meaghan shares what inspired her to start Mavens of Manufacturing, the importance of hearing the stories of women in manufacturing, and how she hopes to set new standards for American manufacturing and change the world, one video at a time! Tune in today to discover the value of actively promoting manufacturing to future generations of leaders and skilled talent, including girls and women in community outreach efforts, and so much more!

Leading with Candor and Integrity with Tracy Albert

In today’s episode of Women and Manufacturing, Frances Brunelle speaks with Tracy Albert, Co-Owner and Accounting Manager of Gambit Machining in Alberta, Canada, which specializes in small, precision, tight tolerance parts for critical use in no-fail industries, including instrumentation, energy, defense, medical, transportation, and more. Tuning in, you’ll find out how Tracy’s portfolio has grown over the past 20 years to include payroll, HR, health and safety, marketing, and business development, and she shares what influenced her decision to lead with candor and integrity, despite some of the challenges that come with being the only woman in the boardroom.

Understanding the Power of Sustainable Industry Growth with Samantha Tollworthy

Today, WAM host Frances Brunelle sits down with Samantha to learn why she left her dream job to chase her passion for sustainability and why she chooses to work directly with the supply chain, running her entire company from North Carolina. They also touch on the delicate balance between motherhood and brand ownership, especially when Samantha’s daughter and sock brand were born around the same time and at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Starting from the Ground Up with Nicole Wolter

In today’s episode of Women in Manufacturing, Frances Brunelle speaks with Nicole Wolter from HM Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of turnkey power transmission components for a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, marine, packaging, and more! Tuning in, you’ll learn how Nicole started from the ground up, gaining extensive machining experience before stepping into a leadership position, and how she is nurturing young talent and closing the skills gap by developing manufacturing programs at the high school level. We also touch on using social media to attract new talent and how Nicole’s dad went viral on TikTok, plus so much more, so make sure to tune in today!

Playing to Your Strengths with Belinda Donavant

In today’s episode of Women in Manufacturing, Frances Brunelle speaks with Belinda Donavant, Senior Director of Engineering for Canon Virginia, Inc. Since opening its doors in 1985, Canon has made substantial capital investments of over $700 million in five facilities, totaling two million square feet and employing over 2,000 people. Belinda has an electrical engineering background and has held a variety of different positions with Canon, including in the product engineering, business development, and industrial engineering and innovation departments, some of which we dive into in today’s episode. Belinda shares her advice for young women in the industry: play to your strengths! Tune in today to hear some valuable insights and so much more from an inspiring leader who is passionate about manufacturing!

Investing in Infrastructure for the Future with Emily Feenstra

Today on the WAM podcast, Frances Brunelle speaks with Emily Feenstra, the Managing Director of Government Relations and Infrastructure Initiatives at the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). In today’s episode, Emily elaborates on why we should be investing in infrastructure for the future and some of the negative implications for America’s economic growth if we continue with the status quo as it is. We touch on Emily’s role as a storyteller, the recent Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, and how manufacturers can benefit from it, plus so much more! Tune in today.

How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Manufacturing Business with Chelsea Sutton

In today’s episode, Frances Brunelle speaks with US Army veteran and Co-Owner of Smith Metal and Sutton Machining, Chelsea Sutton, about how manufacturing businesses can use social media to attract new customers and promote their services or products. Tuning in, you’ll hear how Chelsea expanded through acquisition during COVID and lost nearly half of her customer base as a result of shutdowns due to the pandemic. She shares how she used social media to attract new customers and boost business, as well as her advice for manufacturers who hope to do the same, plus so much more! Make sure to tune in today.

The Role of Social Media in Manufacturing with Frances Brunelle and Charli K. Matthews

Today Fran welcomes, Charli K. Matthews, founder, and CEO of Empowering Brands, a digital media and marketing services company that manages the following brands: Empowering Pumps and Equipment, Empowering Women in Industry, and Empowering Industry Podcast. Charli has worked in the pump and equipment industry since 2005 and has established herself as a leader in brand building, growing online networks, and helping industrial companies embrace digital media. In their conversation with Charli, they discuss Charli’s passion for storytelling and enthusiasm for technology, and how this facilitated her deep understanding of how to leverage social media platforms. Tuning in you’ll hear Charli share clear and insightful instructions on how to build a social media presence from the ground up. From sending the first post to making sure you have buy-in from your employees, to finding your authentic voice.

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