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Women And Manufacturing Podcast

Where accomplished women empower accomplished women.

Frances Brunelle, Host

Alternative Proteins And The Food Revolution With Elysabeth Alfano

On today’s episode, Fran and Elysabeth discuss the need for change in the global food supply system to address global population growth. Elysabeth explains in detail how we use our resources to create food is inefficient. 77% of our agricultural land is used for animals to graze and to grow crops to feed those animals. This 77% returns only 18% of our calories. On top of that, 42% of our clean water supply is used to grow crops for and as drinking water for those same animals. As we move forward with a rapidly growing population, these inefficiencies are not sustainable.

Bridging Manufacturing and Marketing Disconnect with Emily Wilkins

How do you bridge the disconnect between manufacturing companies and their potential marketing success? Emily Wilkins, Founder and CEO of Marketing Metal, explains why her company is successful, while other marketing agencies struggle to meet manufacturing companies in the middle. From hesitancy when handing over marketing to inexperience in laying out goals and misunderstanding why marketing is needed at all, the reasons for disconnect are seemingly endless.

Guidewheel Is Helping Manufacturers Reach Sustainable Peak Performance

Today, on the Woman and Manufacturing Podcast, Fran Brunelle talks with Lauren Dunford, CEO of Guidewheel, a global software company. This company is on a mission to empower all the world’s factories to reach sustainable peak performance, and Lauren is on a mission to show everyone how Guidewheel is making this a reality. Lauren shares with Fran how even the oldest manufacturing equipment can take advantage of Guidewheel’s technology to achieve peak performance.

Supporting Young Black Women in STEM with Kara Branch

Kara Branch is an engineer who has always been the only Black woman on all the teams she’s ever worked on and has experienced many challenges as a result. When one of her daughters decided she also wanted to pursue a career in engineering, Kara decided she wanted better for the next generation and so she founded the Black Girls Do Engineer Corporation. Today she joins us to tell us more about the fantastic work she is doing. Tuning in you’ll discover how the Black Girls Do Engineer Corporation is developing young women in all areas of STEM. To hear all about Kara Branch, the fantastic organization she started, how it is transforming lives, and how you can help, tune in today!

Passionate About Manufacturing, the Best Kept Secret, with Devon Winter

In today’s episode of Women and Manufacturing, Frances Brunelle speaks with Devon Winter the Chief Operations Officer of F. W. Winter Inc. & Co. a metal and alloy powder manufacturer for automotive, welding, and aerospace industries. Don’t miss out on today’s conversation as we hear all about Devon’s journey through the manufacturing industry, her thoughts on LEAN and ISO certifications, and why she is so deeply passionate about careers in manufacturing! Tune in today!

How to Create an Exemplary Workplace with Robin Ritz

Today’s guest believes that if you love the workers and workplace before the work, everything else falls into place. Robin Ritz is the creative visionary and the owner of InCord, North America’s largest custom netting fabricator, providing the best in custom netting products to customers worldwide since 1995. Tuning in you’ll hear about her focus on company culture, how they implement Kaizen principles at InCord, how they marry process and culture in the company, and how they honor every voice. Robin explains why she believes that the person closest to the problem is also closest to the solution and how she uses this to improve processes at InCord.

Why Social Media Matters for Manufacturers with Lauren LaDell a.k.a The Spindle Chick

In today’s episode of Women and Manufacturing, Fran Brunelle is joined by Lauren LaDell, a.k.a. The Spindle Chick, to talk about why social media matters for manufacturing companies. Lauren also shares her top tips and ideas for the types of content that manufacturers can post, so make sure not to miss this thought-provoking discussion with The Spindle Chick, Lauren LaDell!

Lessons from Front End and Back End of the Manufacturing Business with Tammy Casteel

In today’s episode of Women and Manufacturing, Fran Brunelle is joined by Tammy Casteel, a plant manager for Iconex, the world’s leading provider of receipt and innovative label solutions.

Project, Contract, and Supplier Management with Angela Thurman

In today’s episode of Women and Manufacturing, Fran Brunelle is joined by Angela Thurman, a project manager with 30 years of experience working within NASA, Aerospace, Defense and Telecommunications industries.

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