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Do’s and Do Not’s: A Buyer’s Guide to Working with a Business Broker

By Nicole Wagner | February 19, 2018 | 0 Comments

  In the search for the perfect manufacturing acquisition, it can almost be guaranteed that you will be in contact with a business broker. A broker is a seller’s first line of defense against unqualified buyers. The impression you make on an intermediary will undoubtedly influence their opinion and recommendations to their client. In some cases, this impression can make or break your chances of purchasing the business! Here are some general tips for what to do and what NOT to do while communicating with a manufacturing business broker. Regarding…

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Acquisition consultant

The Acquisition Consultant Who Destroyed a Buyer’s Dream Acquisition with Bad Advice

By Frances Brunelle | January 8, 2018 | 0 Comments

Can an acquisition consultant help or hurt? Here’s some background about the buyer It was the acquisition this buyer had been seeking for some time.  His employer was a sales and marketing powerhouse. Chuck, (we purposely changed his name) knew that he had made his employer a boatload of money over the years. Chuck was the epitome of our typical buyer.  He was a 50-something executive leaving corporate America to build something for himself over that next decade before retirement.  The sale of the company he would buy and build…

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Tax Reform

Considering the Sale of Your Manufacturing Business? Why You Should Act Now – 2018

By Frances Brunelle | January 5, 2018 | 0 Comments

Find out if your company is a good candidate for our program Click the Register Here button to start the process.  Don’t delay!  Deciding to sell your manufacturing company in 2018, rather than waiting, could have a dramatic effect on your retirement. Register Here For several years Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. has been educating manufacturing business owners about existing market conditions for manufacturing M&A, specifically the affect retiring baby boomers will have on the market. Between 2008 and 2014 scores of those expected to retire postponed as a result of…

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Changes to SBA 7(a) Loans Spark M&A Activity in 2018

By Lynn Logg | January 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

Changes to SBA 7(a) Loans Increase the Odds of Buying or Selling Your Manufacturing Business in 2018 If you’re considering selling a manufacturing business or making an acquisition this year, you’ll want to read this article.  Big changes to the SBA for 2018 stand to benefit both buyer and seller! Historically, on acquisition loans with more than $500K in goodwill, the SBA was willing to finance up to 75% of a business purchase with the remaining 25% coming from buyer equity and a seller’s note.  The seller’s note is always subordinated…

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Private Equity

What a Private Equity Firm Can Do for You

By Lynn Logg | January 4, 2018 | 0 Comments

The Upside to Giving Private Equity Firms a Shot (at maybe buying your business) At Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., most of our sellers are terrified at the thought of talking to, much less selling to, a private equity group.  And, more often than not it has to do with one or both of the following reasons: A perceived lack of concern for the legacy created by the seller An inability to trust them (the private equity) I get it.  But, it may interest you to know that we have experienced…

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sell your manufacturing business

How to Sell Your Manufacturing Business in 2018

By Frances Brunelle | January 3, 2018 | 0 Comments

A Definitive Guide to Preparing Your Business for Sale In recent years, manufacturing business owners have been retiring in record numbers. With the recent tax reform changes, these numbers will dramatically increase as a growing number of Baby Boomers will seek retirement during a favorable corporate tax era. If you’re planning to sell your manufacturing business, what this means for you is that there’ll be increased competition and more available acquisitions for quality buyers to choose from. In this article, you’ll learn 12 crucial steps for preparing your manufacturing business…

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Acquire A Manufacturing Business

How To Successfully Acquire A Manufacturing Business In 2018

By Frances Brunelle | December 7, 2017 | 0 Comments

Did you vow to acquire a manufacturing business in 2017 but were unsuccessful?  Here’s how you can make 2018 YOUR year. We all know success takes planning, strategy and action. It’s equally important to make sure that your efforts are aimed in the right direction. The most common buyer of small manufacturing businesses in today’s market are individual buyers, usually leaving corporate America to build something of their own. Although this article is aimed at that group, it is equally relevant for private equity groups who are struggling to find…

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due diligence

Buyer Alert – Do Your Due Diligence Before Due Diligence

By Lynn Logg | November 15, 2017 | 0 Comments

First in a two-part series on due diligence. From Entrepreneur Magazine, Due Diligence is defined as, “A reasonable investigation of a proposed investment deal and of the principals offering it, before the transaction is finalized to check out an investment’s worthiness; generally performed (with the assistance of) the investor’s attorney and accountant.” The due diligence phase, in our world, officially begins when the LOI (Letter of Intent) is signed by both the buyer and seller.  But as a potential buyer, there is plenty of information you can and should gather…

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private equity

Helping Private Equity Firms Navigate the Great M&A Divide

By Lynn Logg | November 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

Shop Floor & Jeans to Board Rooms & Pearls A few weeks ago, at M&A East, we met with many private equity firms expanding their add-on criteria to include companies in the lower middle market, as competition for the slightly large companies is simply absurd.  Additionally, a large number of these firms expressed challenges in connecting with the shareholders/business owners of these lower middle market manufacturing businesses.  And it’s funny, because we are incredibly aware of this fact.  Each week, we receive several inquiries from individuals stating that their sole…

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Manufacturing Change in Zambia

Manufacturing Day 2017 – A Fast & Easy Way to Make a Difference

By Frances Brunelle | October 2, 2017 | 0 Comments

Manufacturing Day is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire youth into the amazing career opportunities that exist within the manufacturing sectors.  This is a worthy cause for sure, but many who love manufacturing don’t know how to make a difference or where to get involved.  At Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. we’re doing something special in support of Manufacturing Day 2017, and we’ve got a fast and easy way You can make a difference too.  Engineers Without Borders USA harnesses the skills of engineers to tackle the challenges that…

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