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Guide to Preparing Your Manufacturing Business for Sale

2022 Definitive Guide to Preparing Your Manufacturing Business for Sale

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-02-07

⏱ Reading Time: 13 minutes Planning to Sell Your Manufacturing Business? Learn 12 Crucial Steps In This 2022 Guide to Preparing Your Manufacturing Business For Sale.

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Vaccine Mandate

Vaccine Mandate Creates Best Opportunity for Small Manufacturers to Gain Workers

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-11-12

⏱ Reading Time: 3 minutes The vaccine mandate could create a flood of unemployed manufacturing workers seeking employment at smaller mfrs. not under the mandate.

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Business Valuation: What’s My Manufacturing Company Worth? - Accelerated MFG Brokers

Business Valuation: What’s My Manufacturing Company Worth?

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-11-11

⏱ Reading Time: 8 minutes Business Valuation – What’s My Manufacturing Company Worth – 15 Factors That Affect Business Valuation That Every Business Owner Should Know.

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101 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying A Manufacturing Company

101 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying A Manufacturing Company

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-11-10

⏱ Reading Time: 5 minutes As an M&A professional selling exclusively within the manufacturing sectors, I’ve compiled a list of questions that every buyer should be asking before acquiring a manufacturing company. 101 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying A Manufacturing Company – PDF Download On The Company History How and why did the company start? What were the major milestones? How much has it grown from inception until now? Who are the shareholders? Are they all on board with the sale? On Strategy & Market Potential What are the key risks to this business?…

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Aerospace Defense Conference

AeroDef Manufacturing 2021 Trade Show Coming Soon

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-11-08

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Long Beach, California will be hosting AeroDef 2021 this year at the Long Beach Convention Center. Trade show is taking place November 16-18.

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M&A Market is Strong

The Manufacturing M&A Market is Strong – Q2 2021

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-08-25

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes The state of the manufacturing M&A Market is Strong at the close of Q2 2021 according to The Market Pulse Report

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Eastec Trade Show

EASTEC – The Northeast’s Largest Manufacturing Trade Show

By Taylor Raphael | 2021-08-24

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes West Springfield, Massachusetts, will be hosting EASTEC 2021 this year at the Eastern States Exposition October 19th-21st.

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No Money Down

Grow Your Manufacturing Business Through Acquisition with No Money Down

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-08-11

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Many don’t realize that It’s possible to grow your manufacturing business through acquisition with no money down. Here’s how:

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Custom Material Handling Systems

Grow Your Existing Fabrication Business Through Acquisition

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-07-21

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Organic growth is hard and expensive. There is an easier way to grow your existing fabrication business through acquisition.

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Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Selling Manufacturing Companies – The Electronic Contract Manufacturing Market

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-07-12

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Can you imagine the time it takes to vet 198 candidates for the sale of your electronic contract manufacturing business? It takes a team.

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Specialty Vehicle HVAC Manufacturer

Selling Manufacturing Companies – The Specialty Vehicle Market

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-07-06

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Our challenge was to find someone with specific experience in specialty vehicle HVAC and who would keep the jobs in the community. We did it.

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Premium Cutlery

Acquisition Opportunity – Cutlery Products Manufacturer

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-06-22

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 minutes Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. has exclusively listed a US-based manufacturer of premium semi-custom cutlery products. The Company enjoys a unique position in the market. They are known for their high-end custom look and quality, incorporating non-traditional raw materials into each exclusive design. Although competitors exist, they are either mass-produced or in the high-end custom space at much higher price points. Through proprietary manufacturing processes, this manufacturer has found a true niche. They are semi-custom with the look, feel, and quality of the most expensive alternatives, but with reasonable price points…

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Manufacturing Business Growth

What Accelerates Manufacturing Business Growth?

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-05-26

⏱ Reading Time: 6 minutes Manufacturers will need targeted expert help if they want to accelerate manufacturing business growth. Read what the experts shared with us.

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Recession & US Manufacturing M&A

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-05-24

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes While there’s talk about a Recession, US Manufacturing M&A during 2022 and for most of 2023 is still very strong. Here we talk about the data

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After-Market Motorcycle Pedal Accessories

Acquisition Opportunity – Aftermarket Motorcycle Parts

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-04-14

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 minutes If you’re a manufacturer who would like to have their own product line, without the expense of developing one from scratch, Learn More Here.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Acquisition Opportunity – Screw Machine Products & Plastic Injection Molding

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-04-12

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 minutes If you are a screw machine or plastic injection molding job shop without your own product, you’ll want to learn more.

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M&A Specialization Matters

Why Specialization Matters in Manufacturing M&A

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-04-05

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Founder-led or family-run companies have an additional layer of concerns that a private equity seller might not have. Find out why.

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Becoming tier 1 supplier

How Small Manufacturers Can Become Tier 1 Suppliers

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-03-28

⏱ Reading Time: 4 minutes At an interview with Accelerated Mfg. Brokers, Canon’s Belinda Donavant explains how a small manufacturer may become a tier 1 supplier.

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Gear Manufacturing

Manufacturing Acquisition Opportunity – Gear Manufacturer

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-03-24

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes If potential buyers keep losing to competitors, they should consider looking at “diamonds in the rough.” This opportunity is one of those.

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Limestone Fabricator

Manufacturing Acquisition Opportunity in the Southcentral, U.S.

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-03-24

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 minutes Hunting for a manufacturing acquisition opportunity in Southcentral, US? You’ll want to learn more about this listing.

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Retiring From Manufacturing

Retiring From Manufacturing – Five Reasons You Should Plan Early

By Frances Brunelle | 2022-03-14

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes In 2021 54% of SMB owners were planning on retirement. If you’re retiring from manufacturing, here are five reasons you should plan early.

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