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M&A Market is Strong

The Manufacturing M&A Market is Strong – Q2 2021

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-08-25

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes The state of the manufacturing M&A Market is Strong at the close of Q2 2021 according to The Market Pulse Report

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Eastec Trade Show

EASTEC – The Northeast’s Largest Manufacturing Trade Show

By Taylor Raphael | 2021-08-24

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes West Springfield, Massachusetts, will be hosting EASTEC 2021 this year at the Eastern States Exposition October 19th-21st.

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No Money Down

Grow Your Manufacturing Business Through Acquisition with No Money Down

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-08-11

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Many don’t realize that It’s possible to grow your manufacturing business through acquisition with no money down. Here’s how:

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Custom Material Handling Systems

Grow Your Existing Fabrication Business Through Acquisition

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-07-21

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Organic growth is hard and expensive. There is an easier way to grow your existing fabrication business through acquisition.

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Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Selling Manufacturing Companies – The Electronic Contract Manufacturing Market

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-07-12

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Can you imagine the time it takes to vet 198 candidates for the sale of your electronic contract manufacturing business? It takes a team.

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Specialty Vehicle HVAC Manufacturer

Selling Manufacturing Companies – The Specialty Vehicle Market

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-07-06

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Our challenge was to find someone with specific experience in specialty vehicle HVAC and who would keep the jobs in the community. We did it.

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America’s Largest Design & Contract Manufacturing Trade Shows

By Taylor Raphael | 2021-06-29

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Design-2-Part Shows are the Best Way to Find New Suppliers for Parts and Manufacturing Services

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Degree Program

Ohio State University’s New Manufacturing Degree Program

By Taylor Raphael | 2021-06-18

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes With the resurgence of manufacturing in America, it has become increasingly important to get the youth of America interested in manufacturing as a career. Last fall The Ohio State University launched a new degree program. The degree will be a bachelor of science in engineering technology (BSET).

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Why Millennials Should Choose Manufacturing for a Career Path

By Taylor Raphael | 2021-06-16

⏱ Reading Time: 3 minutes For younger Millennials and Generation Z who are just entering the work force or starting college, manufacturing is a much more affordable career path to consider.

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M&A in 2021

Manufacturing M&A in 2021 – The Market Pulse Report

By Frances Brunelle | 2021-06-09

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes At the close of Q1, lower middle-market companies were trending at 107% of benchmark pricing which indicates M&A in 2021 is up.

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New Cybersecurity Requirements for DoD Contractors & Manufacturing M&A

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Whether a direct contractor or a small sub-contractor, any mfr. needs to be aware of new U.S. Department of Defense cybersecurity rules.
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Strength of the Current M&A Market

Strength of Current M&A Market and Exiting or Merging To Reach a New Level

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 minute Discussing the strength of the current M&A market and the options business owners have for exiting or merging to reach a new level of growth.
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tax hikes

Can I Sell My Manufacturing Company Before the Tax Hikes?

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes As business owners, we’re all bracing for the Biden tax hikes. For those considering the sale of their business, this is of grave concern.
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Manufacturing Transition Strategies

Manufacturing Transition Strategies

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 minute On Industrial Talk Podcast, talking to Fran Brunelle, President at Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Manufacturing Transition Strategies.
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Manufacturing Career Summit designed to help highlight all of the careers that manufacturing has to offer to students and parents.

Virtual Manufacturing Career Summit May 12-14th

⏱ Reading Time: 3 minutes This is a great opportunity to help educate parents and teachers that jobs in manufacturing lead to a successful future.
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