Buying a manufacturing business can be as large an undertaking as selling one. Here at Accelerated we have a guarantee to our buyers that our listings are quality, our information is accurate, and our sellers are prepared. Below is our business buyer’s Bill of Rights.

Our promise

  • Our clients are ready to sell

    Here at Accelerated, we don’t list just any company looking to sell. A business owner that is not ready to let go can be the biggest barrier to selling a company. Our sellers are fully vetted, and only those prepared and committed to sell will become our client.

  • Our clients have an opinion of value that is in line with the current market

    Our list price is based on a fair valuation of the company considering internal and external factors. Our president has over 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing industry and is very knowledgeable about what the market can handle.

  • Our client will be prepared to respond quickly during due diligence

    We ask for all documents required for bank underwriting up front as part of our listing process. Because of this, we have nearly everything we need to move smoothly through the process once due diligence begins.

  • Cash flow information we provide is accurate and can be fully documented

    Our cash flow chart is based entirely on the company’s financial data. Every piece can be traced back to the tax return or otherwise proven.

  • Our clients understand that although we represent them, we have an obligation to also treat buyers fairly.

    Part of our responsibility to our seller is a smooth transaction. While we represent the seller in the overall transaction, our duties can involve guidance to both buyer and seller around closing hurdles. Listen to one recent buyer’s story explaining the difficulties in getting two opposing sides to the closing table.