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    • We know that every manufacturing company has a unique story and value proposition that extends far beyond an EBITDA multiple.  Our goal is to better understand your manufacturing business and determine if your company is a good fit for our program.


    • Your staff may not know that you're considering selling.  Don't worry; we'll never call your office without your permission.  We understand your confidentiality concerns.  We'll only use your preferred method of contact.


    • The sensitive information you provide to us is securely transmitted to our valuation team who will then contact you to set up an introductory phone call.  At Accelerated, we practice what we call "No pressure - No obligation" conversations.


    • If after speaking with us you would like to proceed, we will perform a detailed business valuation and provide you with a probable sale range and a recommended list price.  This is done for you at no cost as described in more detail in our “Manufacturing Business Owner’s Bill of Rights.”


    • If you have questions before filling out this form or would like us to sign an NDA, send us an email at or call us at 908-387-1000.


We review every seller form submission. We keep all information strictly confidential.

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