Your consultation, step-by-step

  1. Submit an inquiry with this secure form

    If you need us to sign an NDA before scheduling introductions, call 908-387-1000.

    But know that we keep all information strictly confidential. The sensitive information you provide here is securely transmitted to our team.
  2. Introductory conversation

    You’ll get a no pressure, no obligation conversation. This is your chance to kick the tires and get transparent answers to your unique questions.

  3. Establish fit

    We specialize in manufacturing, but we don’t automatically accept every manufacturing business. Our goal is to better understand your needs to determine whether our program can truly help your company.

  4. Protect your confidentiality

    Sellers often want to shield employees from fears related to the sale. Your office will never get a call from us without your permission, and we only ever use your preferred method of contact.

  5. Receive a complimentary valuation

    Next, you’ll receive an extensive survey. This provides the 175+ data points used in your company’s valuation, one far more comprehensive than a multiple of EBITDA can reflect.

    You deserve a selling experience that captures the true worth of your company. With Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Are you still in the “someday” phase? Sometimes you’re not ready to exit, but you need a partner who can facilitate growth. We help with that, too.