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Ensuring The Continuity Of U.S. Manufacturing By Transitioning Ownership To The Next Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Seller Registration Form:

Filling in this form starts the conversation so we can determine if your company is a fit for our program. We review every seller form submission. We keep all information strictly Confidential.

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Does your company or a related entity own the real estate?
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Specialty Tooling and Wire EDM Manufacturer Client

  • We’re All Manufacturing, All the time! We are the only firm of our kind that is devoted exclusively to the manufacturing sectors and selling companies with revenues generally between $2-$20 million.

  • Most business intermediaries will sell anything, in any sector. They don’t know manufacturing like we do. Show them a palletized horizontal CNC machining center and their eyes will glaze over because they have no clue what they’re looking at, but we do!

  • We’ve been selling for more than 2 decades, and we sell nationally.

  • We don’t charge you anything upfront. We get paid only when we’ve done the job of getting you to the finish line.

  • We pay all the marketing and labor costs to successfully market and sell your business, and we never seek reimbursement for those costs. We work on a fair commission of the sale price. Our approach is simple, straight forward and designed to let you know that we’re confident in our ability to get the job done.

  • We’ll provide an estimate of the likely sale price of your business and a timeframe for completing the job, without charge and before we ask you to entrust us with the sale of your business.

  • We provide access to a broad range of buyers including private equities, large strategic buyers and the one category of buyer who is buying more small manufacturing companies in the U.S. than any other type of buyer.

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