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Your Manufacturing Business Legacy Is Paramount

Specialization Is Important

For many of you, the sale of your company will be the largest transaction of your entire life. We’re here to help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

The first thing you should know is that we are All Manufacturing, All the time! We are the only firm of our kind that is devoted exclusively to the manufacturing sectors and selling companies with revenues generally between $2 and $20 million in sales and at least $500K in net revenue.

We’ve been selling for more than 2 decades, and we sell nationally. Most business intermediaries will sell anything, in any sector. They don’t know manufacturing like we do.

Show them a palletized horizontal CNC machining center and their eyes will glaze over because they have no clue what they’re looking at, but we do!

Listen to what Clients say about us.

"You were spot on."

"Couldn't have done it on my own."

selling manufacturing

No upfront fees!

You might be saying to yourself, “These people probably charge a ton of money upfront, because they’re specialists.”

Like most of our clients, we built our business from nothing. We’re straight-talking, no B.S. entrepreneurs. We know you want results from the professionals you hire, not fluff, because we’re the same way.

So here’s how we roll: We don’t charge you anything upfront. We get paid only when we’ve done the job of getting you to the finish line. We pay all the marketing and labor costs to get you there, and we never seek reimbursement for those costs. We work on a fair commission of the sale price. Our approach is simple, straight forward and designed to let you know that we’re confident in our ability to get the job done.

Have you been quoted large upfront fees?

Do these large fees guarantee a better price or that your company will sell?

Should you pay these fees?  Watch our video.

Let’s talk value.

Maybe you’ve been to a seminar where someone told you that your business would sell for "gazillions."

These companies advocate taking your company to market without a price tag. They target an audience of strategic buyers and private equities and basically conduct a controlled auction.

While this approach is appropriate for some companies, it’s not right for everyone. An example of when this would work might be a medical instrument startup, whose product will become the standard of care worldwide. The business can be dramatically scaled up.

This is different than a stamping job shop with no patents or proprietary products. The difference is one has something unique for which buyers might pay what would otherwise be considered an insane multiple. At Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., we'll never give you an inflated number to get your business. It's a waste of your time, and ours.

That said, we have a long history of getting top dollar and multiple offers for our clients. We just don't see the sense in marketing every business the same way.

Get the facts about an Exit Strategy Today

No obligatin - No upfront fees - Let's talk

manufacturing seller

We all know about the “Silver Tsunami,” baby boomers that are retiring in record numbers. Here’s what you may not know.

The younger baby boomers in their early 50’s are acquiring manufacturing businesses in record numbers. The typical profile is someone who's perhaps worked in management for a Fortune 500 manufacturer for several years. They know what makes business work and how to exponentially grow a business, and they’re tired of doing it for other people.

They typically have ample finances, good credit and serious management skills. They make manufacturing acquisitions with the idea of growing the company for 10-15 years. They'll then sell the company as their own parachute into retirement.

The #1 mistake made by Manufacturing M&A Firms is also the #1 reason you shouldn’t hire them.

They're ignoring a major trend in the acquisition of manufacturing companies and totally ignoring a category of buyer who is making more acquisitions in the current market than any other type of buyer.

Who Is the Most Likely Buyer of Your Manufacturing Business?
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Specialty Tooling and Wire EDM Manufacturer Client

Accelerated vetted 140 buyers and introduced eight qualified buyer groups for plant visits.  Four LOIs submitted for our client to choose from.

"You were spot on."

"You were spot on."

Are You Getting Ready to Exit?

We sell manufacturing companies just like yours.

We will help you get to the finish line.

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