Is Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers right for you?

If you own a founder-led or family-run company and care about who buys your business, you need a broker who understands the marketplace. That’s where we come in. We work exclusively in manufacturing. If your company earns $5 – $50M in annual revenue, you’re in the right place. We’ve honed our expertise in your sector since 1994. No other broker works exclusively in this space and sells nationally.

Specialization is key

All manufacturing, all the time

Most brokers will sell any business, in any sector. But if you show them a palletized horizontal CNC machine, their eyes glaze over because they have no clue what they’re looking at. How can a broker who specializes in nothing represent your highly specialized business?

We’ve been leveraging our manufacturing expertise for our clients for the last 30 years. Our manufacturing fluency doesn’t stop at tangible assets like lathes and milling machines. We also understand how to value and market intangibles like ISO 9001 certifications, registered trademarks, manufacturing processes and future growth potential, too. And we’ll sell your business fast — often in 365 days or less.

No fees until your business sells

You won’t pay us a dime until we’ve done our job: sell your company. Our commission is based only on your sale price.

Don’t waste your time and money on pricy seminars and generalist brokers who charge up-front fees. They have a vested interest in reeling in as many people as possible, and those upfront costs never guarantee a sale. By contrast, our approach is simple. We cover your valuation, marketing and the labor needed to make the sale happen.

We’ve got skin in the game. That’s a good thing.

Hear Fran Brunelle, AMB President, talk more about upfront fees:

Let’s talk value

How much is your business really worth?

The valuation process is much trickier than it seems. General brokers tend to use multiples that leave money on the table for manufacturers. Our process starts with a detailed consultation that helps us understand every nuance of your company. By analyzing 175+ data points, we determine a valuation that’s typically higher than other brokers can promise. And then we sell at that price to a buyer that meets your standards.

Other brokers often rely on controlled auction processes because they’re faster. But what you achieve with speed, you sacrifice in value: Controlled auctions tend to limit the pool of quality buyers and generate artificially high bids that buyers then adjust downward later. The process works if you must sell on a strict timeline, but it’s rarely right for founder-led or family-run operations with very specific buyer criteria.

You need a broker willing to take the time to help you find the right buyer and the best price — not the fastest pathway to sale. That’s where our expertise really shines.

Leave your business in good hands

Find a buyer you can trust

Funding your retirement is critical, but selling your business isn’t just a numbers game. Our clients care deeply for their employees, their customers and their communities. And they want a buyer who respects those values, too.

When your business goes to market, it’s shown to our exclusive network of fully vetted entrepreneurial, private equity and strategic buyers that stretches from coast-to-coast. After someone expresses interest, our qualification process examines their finances, professional experience and any seller-specific criteria you require. No one moves forward unless they meet every standard, saving you time and energy.

With you until the end

Other brokers charge up-front fees then disappear before the sales process even starts. Our process protects your interests from start to finish, and you’ll never face any part of the sale alone. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Comprehensive valuations based on our in-depth questionnaire
  • Prospective buyers screened for professional, financial and seller-specific criteria
  • Seller confidentiality protections until buyers pass approval for introductions
  • Buyers conduct site visits under our supervision
  • LOIs, contract proofing and intermediary support between sellers, buyers and attorneys

Don’t fall for this common M&A mistake

The number one mistake made by M&A firms is the number one reason you shouldn’t hire them. Time and time again, they ignore a top buyer profile: younger baby boomers.

These are typically people with leadership experience at Fortune 500 manufacturing companies. They know what makes a business successful and how to grow it, and they’re tired of doing it for other people. They also have deep pockets, good credit and excellent management skills. We’ve seen some who have grown their divisions from $10M to $100M in sales.

We understand the marketplace, and we sell to this buyer profile on a regular basis. 

Don Mitchell’s business received 4 quality offers, was acquired by a qualified buyer who fit the above profile, and his business left in good hands.

What does all of this mean for you?

From finding an ideal buyer to getting a fair price or both, we engineer the conditions that make it possible for you to exit on your terms.

  1. Peace of mind

    Selling your business will probably be the largest financial transaction of your life. And while we provide the nuts-and-bolts support as you navigate a sale to fund your retirement, it isn’t just about money. Our proven process gets you a buyer who shares your values, too.

  2. Comprehensive valuations

    We use more than 175 data points to assess your business’ value, including ISO certifications, trademarks, proprietary manufacturing processes, exclusive contract holdings and the future growth potential of your company.

  3. Flat fee commission

    No up-front fees. No games. No BS. We cover the costs of valuation, marketing and the labor needed to close the deal. You don’t pay a cent until we sell your business.

Are you thinking about selling?

Whether you’re ready to step down now or planning for future retirement, our team knows how to get you started.

Are you thinking about selling?

Whether you’re ready to step down now or planning for future retirement, our team knows how to get you started.