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Helping Founders Exit Their Manufacturing Companies Since 1994

Specialization Is Important

For many of you, the sale of your company will be the largest transaction of your entire life. We’re here to help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

The first thing you should know is that we are All Manufacturing, All the time! We are the only firm of our kind that is devoted exclusively to the manufacturing sectors and selling companies with revenues generally between $3 and $30 million in sales and at least $500K in net revenue.

We’ve been selling for more than 2 decades, and we sell nationally. Most business intermediaries will sell anything, in any sector. They don’t know manufacturing like we do.

Show them a palletized horizontal CNC machining center and their eyes will glaze over because they have no clue what they’re looking at, but we do!

Listen to these success stories.

Marshall Klimasewiski said:

"I actually went to several different companies ... I actually paid at one point to go to a seminar, get the whole binder thing that told me how wonderful the company was, but I just didn't feel comfortable with them.  When we had a chance to talk to Fran, instantly we knew this was the person."

Don Mitchell said:

"I talked with four brokers over a year's time. When I found your company, the confidence level I had after talking to you guys, it sold me that you were the ones I wanted."

Jim Walker said:

"It did not take me long at all, our first visit, and I realized you know what you were talking about."

Walter Camp said:

"We reached out to Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, and when they evaluated the business, it came to a lot higher and, quite honestly, we got a lot more money than we thought we would.  We were real happy with the number."

selling manufacturing

No upfront fees!

You might be saying to yourself, “These people probably charge a ton of money upfront, because they’re specialists.”

Like most of our clients, we built our business from nothing. We’re straight-talking, no B.S. entrepreneurs. We know you want results from the professionals you hire, not fluff, because we’re the same way.

So here’s how we roll: We don’t charge you anything upfront. We get paid only when we’ve done the job of getting you to the finish line. We pay all the marketing and labor costs to get you there, and we never seek reimbursement for those costs. We work on a fair commission of the sale price. Our approach is simple, straight forward and designed to let you know that we’re confident in our ability to get the job done.

Have you been quoted large upfront fees?

Do these large fees guarantee a better price or that your company will sell?

Should you pay these fees?  Watch our video.

Let’s talk value.

Maybe you’ve been to a seminar where someone told you that your business would sell for an amount that seems too good to be true.

These companies charge large upfront fees and they take any business that comes to them. They don't really care if they're listing companies they know they can't sell because the large upfront fees are paying their overhead. They have a vested interest in signing as many companies as possible.

Most of these companies use a controlled auction process to sell. While this might be appropriate for the sale of some companies, it's not right for everyone. Especially those founder-led or family-run companies who have specific criteria they want in a buyer.

Founder-led companies want to know that the jobs will remain in the community and there will be future opportunities for the staff.  A controlled auction process might not allow for the time it takes to truly find the right fit for your manufacturing business.

At Accelerated we have a long history of finding the right match for our clients with a sale price they're thrilled with.

Get the facts about an Exit Strategy Today

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I'm thinking about selling but ...

How do I determine the value of my business?

manufacturing seller

We all know about the “Silver Tsunami,” baby boomers that are retiring in record numbers. Here’s what you may not know.

The younger baby boomers are acquiring manufacturing businesses in record numbers in recent years. The typical profile is someone who has perhaps worked for a Fortune 500 manufacturing company in a leadership position. They know what makes a business successful and how to exponentially grow a business, and they’re tired of doing it for other people.

They typically have ample finances, good credit and serious management skills. We've seen some who have grown divisions of their companies into enterprises worth hundreds of millions, from an operation that had only $10M in sales.

The #1 mistake made by M&A Firms is also the #1 reason you shouldn’t hire them.

They're ignoring a major trend in the acquisition of manufacturing companies and totally ignoring a category of buyer who is making more acquisitions in the current market than any other type of buyer.

Who Is the Most Likely Buyer of Your Manufacturing Business?
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Sell your manufacturing company to someone you can trust.

Aerospace Seller Testimonial
I wanted to send you a thank you note for, well, everything. But most importantly, thank you, Fran, Mark, and the Team for getting this done.  I loved working with everyone. Jasmine and Jaimie, thanks for bringing the organization needed to close such a deal. And with such class! Classy ladies!  
I'm sure you know how much this meant to me and Jeff.  20 years of extremely hard work, but all worth it at the end of the day. We should be able to enjoy retirement, with no financial worries.  
I hope you keep in touch, Fran. Jeff and I wish all of you the best and many, many thanks for all your efforts, knowledge, and professionalism in completing this sale.

Rick Stathers

True Position Mfg., LLC

EDM Machine Shop Testimonial

I talked with four brokers over a year’s time. When I found your company, the confidence level I had after talking to you guys, it sold me that you were the ones I wanted. The pricing you gave me I felt was fair. You explained the entire process to me before we signed the contract. You told me exactly what I would need to do, and how it would happen. By the way, you were spot on.

I wanted to protect my employees so they wouldn’t leave and the business wasn’t going to get moved or torn apart. You did a great job vetting out all of the buyers.

It's four months now after the business was sold; I don’t regret it for a second. They are really good people that you brought in to buy the business. They kept me on for a short period and it’s been great every day not having to make decisions.

Your staff is unbelievably great. If I had any questions, I could always pick up the phone and get good answers. Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers was there for me with every buyer visit. If there was a telephone call, you were on the call. You held my hand all through  and it really made it easy.

I had this business for 25 years and you only have one chance to sell. It’s really important to find someone that will help you and get the right price. I’m so happy that I connected with Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers. I would absolutely recommend your company.

Click here to view Don's Video

Don Mitchell

KAM Tool & Die

Fiberglass Pool Testimonial

I just wanted to say Thank You again. Cathy & I are truly appreciative of all your team's effort and diligence throughout the process.

When the largest company in the industry offered to purchase the company to gain our customers and close the plant, I gave you the tall order of finding an acquirer who would keep the jobs in KY. You vetted over 200 companies, granted 7 visits, and we received 6 offers.

I couldn't be more pleased with the result. We wish you guys the best.

Curt Prystupa

Sun Fiberglass Pools

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