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Specialty Tooling and Wire EDM Manufacturer Buyer

  • Sellers who are ready to sell. We don’t list just any company that strolls through the door. Our sellers are fully vetted, and we only represent those prepared and committed to selling.
  • Valuations that align with current market conditions. We calculate list prices by using 175+ data points that include both internal and external factors. With 30+ years of expertise in manufacturing, our team knows what the market can handle.
  • Our clients are prepared to respond quickly during due diligence. Any documentation required for bank underwriting is prepared the early in the listing process. This eliminates delays once due diligence begins.
  • Accurate, documented cash flow information. Any cash flow charts you see are based entirely on the company’s real financial data, and every piece can be traced back to tax returns or proven otherwise.
  • Our clients understand that while we represent them, we have an obligation to also treat buyers fairly. Part of our promise to sellers is a smooth transaction. But this can involve guidance for both buyers and sellers around closing hurdles.