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On today’s episode, Fran and Elysabeth discuss the need for change in the global food supply system to address global population growth. Elysabeth explains in detail how we use our resources to create food is inefficient. 77% of our agricultural land is used for animals to graze and to grow crops to feed those animals. This 77% returns only 18% of our calories. On top of that, 42% of our clean water supply is used to grow crops for and as drinking water for those same animals. As we move forward with a rapidly growing population, these inefficiencies are not sustainable.

How do you bridge the disconnect between manufacturing companies and their potential marketing success? Emily Wilkins, Founder and CEO of Marketing Metal, explains why her company is successful, while other marketing agencies struggle to meet manufacturing companies in the middle. From hesitancy when handing over marketing to inexperience in laying out goals and misunderstanding why marketing is needed at all, the reasons for disconnect are seemingly endless.