The Trump Effect On 2017 Mergers & Acquisition – A Double-Edged Sword?

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As an M&A professional selling exclusively in the manufacturing sectors, a look at the “Trump Effect” on 2017 mergers & acquisitions is of vital importance. We know that manufacturing is one of the most regulated industries in the country. In fact the National Association of Manufacturers reports that manufacturers pay $19,564 per employee to comply with federal regulations. This is double the per employee cost of all firms in the USA as a whole. With President Elect Trump vowing to “drain the swamp,” and dramatically ease regulations on small business,…

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Making Your Manufacturing Business Acquisition Worthy

Tips For Making Your Manufacturing Business Acquisition Worthy At the start of the New Year, many small manufacturing business owners will vow to be retired by the close of the year. Spending time enjoying the fruits of their labor will be this year’s resolution of many. Will the sale of your manufacturing business provide the lifestyle you want in retirement? With so many businesses going on the market, how do you make your manufacturing business attractive to a buyer? Interestingly the things that will make your business acquisition worthy are…

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Buying A Manufacturing Business in 2017 – The 5 Hottest Sectors

Buying A Manufacturing Business in 2017 – The 5 Hottest Sectors The start of the New Year is traditionally the busiest for Manufacturing Mergers & Acquisitions. Potential buyers have vowed that THIS will be the year they acquire their way into entrepreneurship. Having done their homework, they’ve already determined that buying in the manufacturing sectors will likely provide the best return on investment, stable cash flows, and opportunity for growth. But those buying a manufacturing business in 2017 want to know what the hottest sectors are. The ones that perhaps have…

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Retiring From Manufacturing In 2017 – Why You Should Be Planning Now


As we approach the close of 2016, many manufacturing business owners are examining whether 2017 will be the year that they finally will be retiring. 2016 was one of the best years on record for the sale of manufacturing companies. In fact our sales increased over 400% from the prior year. Inevitably, January is one of the busiest times of the year for us, as owners vow to keep their New Year’s resolutions and transition into retirement. If you’ll be retiring from manufacturing in 2017, here’s why you should be…

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Building Or Wood Products Executive Sought With Business Development Acumen In The Southeast U.S.

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Building or Wood Products Executive Sought With Business Development Acumen In The Southeast U.S. A unique wood products manufacturer with trademarked products and proprietary processes is seeking a “date.” That is a date with a new president and CEO. But not just anyone will do. Much like most of the businesses we sell in the lower middle market, an executive leaving corporate America who had worked for a large manufacturer, founded this niche manufacturing company more than 20 years ago. Determined to manufacture his own destiny, he set out to…

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New England Metal Fabrication Company Expands To New Markets

A well-known New England based fabricating house has grown exponentially this year and expanded into new markets. Previously recognized only as a leader in structural steel, they’ve diversified their sector service to include the power generation, metal art, architecture, recycling and other areas. With their expansion into these new sectors they’ve added 25 skilled workers, over $4 million in sales and over $925K to their bottom line. Who is this savvy fabricating house that grew so much in one year? It could be YOU with the acquisition of our client…

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American Manufacturers – Renegades, Rebels & Industry Disruptors

Why You Want To Acquire In The Manufacturing Sector. American manufacturers are primarily small businesses. These savvy entrepreneurs are our nation’s renegades & rebels who would rather work hard for themselves than make someone else rich doing the corporate thing. They call their own shots, manufacture their own destinies and contribute big time to the health of our economy. According to the US Census Bureau, in 2014, there were 251,901 firms in the manufacturing sector, with all but 3,749 firms considered to be small. How small are they?  Better than three-quarters…

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Buying A Manufacturing Business – An Important Overlooked Due Diligence Category

due diligence

An Important Overlooked Due Diligence Category Due diligence for the acquisition of a manufacturing company usually includes a deep dive into financial, operational and managerial issues. Most buyers will have a manufacturing specific checklist that they run through.  Most checklists, however, do not prompt buyers to look closely at one very important category, which can be very telling about the health of the company. That category is customer returns. Most buyers only look at this category from a financial perspective. What they should be looking at is whether or not…

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Selling Your Manufacturing Business – The Patience To Get The Best Result

The Patience To Get The Best Result The process of selling a manufacturing company takes some time, especially if you want to find the RIGHT buyer. By “right” I mean a buyer who will respect, protect and grow your legacy, rather than make massive cuts in an effort to increase cash flow so they can “flip” the company as quickly as possible. Retiring manufacturing business owners sometimes think that selling to a big company will bring the best result. But in reality, “big” is sometimes code for “jackass.” Sometimes the…

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