Manufacturing Day & STEM Programs


Manufacturing Day – October 7th, this year, actually turned into Manufacturing Month.  Many companies large and small acknowledged the importance of engaging and inspiring the talent pipeline by inviting students and educators to events designed to do just that. The “baby boomer retirement wave” has been discussed, blogged about and beaten to death.  But the reality is over three million jobs will need to be filled by 2025.  Featured in Industry Week, a panel discussion was hosted by the Cambridge Innovation Center and Kronos, Inc., about the talent gap.  In…

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Debt Free Funding for Manufacturing Company Acquisition

debt free

This month we’re taking a look at who is buying lower middle market manufacturing companies. One of our featured articles tells how an increasing number of middle-aged executives are leaving corporate America for business ownership. While this might not be news to you, how they’re funding the acquisition to be debt and interest free may be information that sparks your own entrepreneurial pursuit. Normally, if you take money out of a 401(k) before reaching age 59 ½, you have to pay income taxes on the money as well as a…

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Manufacturing M & A – Why a Roll Up Makes Sense

roll up

Why a Roll Up Makes Sense Finding the perfect manufacturing acquisition can be tough. Buyers usually have a list of criteria or “must haves.” For most of the buyers we work with, that list includes a business that can be scaled up, something with little competition in a fragmented industry where there are no or few dominant players. Most of the buyers that contact us are also looking for a minimum cash flow of $1-$2 million. The problem is that these manufacturing companies are few and far between. I spoke…

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The Next Gen of Manufacturing Entrepreneurs

next gen manufacturing

At Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, one thing we know for sure is that our single biggest category of buyer is young, successful corporate executives who want to be their own boss and invest in something with a higher ROI than most other options. We also know that many sellers look at these next gen manufacturing entrepreneurs and wonder, “How the heck is this guy going to run, let alone grow, my business?”  While their hands may not be roughed up (yet) and they are accustomed to coming to work in a sports coat…

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CNC Employment Sought – New Graduate From Lincoln Tech’s CNC Machining Program

CNC Employment

New Graduate From Lincoln Tech’s CNC Machining Program Lincoln Technical Institute in Mahwah, NJ will be graduating the 2nd class from their new CNC Machining Program in a little over a month. One of the students, who will graduate at the top of his class, is my nephew and godson, Matthew. Matt will be seeking an entry-level position in a modern manufacturing facility that can offer opportunity for career advancement. Matt currently lives in Washington, NJ, (Warren County) and would like to stay within a 50-mile radius, as he is…

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Acquisition Opportunity – Niche Manufacturer With Great Cash Flow & Incredible Growth Potential

Niche Manufacturer

  Finding a profitable niche manufacturer is hard. Trying to find one with almost $1 million in cash flow is a little more difficult. Sometimes finding one that sells B2B but has a product that can be sold B2C with exponential growth and possible franchise potential is next to impossible. But wait, there’s more! The product they manufacture is not subject to overseas competition. It also has limited competition in the USA. Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., has exclusively listed just such a company. Our client is a national leader in…

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Profitable Midwest Industrial Equipment Repair Company Serving Infrastructure And Other Industries

Industrial Equipment Repair Facility

Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., has exclusively listed a Midwest based Industrial Equipment Repair Company that supports the Pump & Valve, Steel, Power Plant and Paper industries. The company provides onsite diagnostics and analysis of complex equipment failure problems. The company has the ability to take on very large capacity projects, which makes them a rare find. The company employs 21 highly skilled workers and operates from a state-of-the-art 35,000 square foot facility.  This makes them a likely target for major international pump and valve companies needing a repair facility in…

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Engineers Without Borders – Give Back, Get Involved

engineers without borders

Grateful for What You Got?  Give Back and Get Involved with Engineers Without Borders USA As many of our clients (owners/shareholders) approach retirement, they look back on all their hard work and are grateful for the blessings they have gained over the years.  Some look forward to more golf, more time on the boat, more time with the grandkids.  Others become panicked about what they’ll do when they finally do retire. Regardless of what category you may fall into, it may surprise you to know that retirement doesn’t have to mean “retirement.”  Having…

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For Sale – Manufacturer Of Semiconductor Testing Equipment With Patents And New Products

Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., has exclusively listed the world-leading manufacturer in Semiconductor Testing Equipment. The company has a rich history, spanning more than 5 decades, multiple international patents and a highly skilled engineering team.  The company has invested more than $1.3 million in the last three years for a new patent and product development. The company has developed a new technology with broad commercial process control applications in a broad range of industries. The company has also just released a new product, which combines sheet resistance and mobility measurements in one…

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Why The #1 Goal Of Manufacturing Day May Need To Change

Manufacturing day

Why The #1 Goal Of Manufacturing Day May Need To Change     The #1 goal of Manufacturing Day is to inspire the next generation into the industry by changing the perception of manufacturing in America. This is a worthy goal for all who care about the industry. Manufacturing Day was the brainchild of Ed Youdell, President and CEO of the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association, International, (FMA). His idea was to bring together leading manufacturing organizations to draw attention to the awesome career opportunities within the manufacturing community. However, there…

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