America’s Largest Design & Contract Manufacturing Trade Shows

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About the Show

This year Schaumburg Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL, will be hosting the Design 2 Part Show. This event will take place on August 4th and 5th. There will exhibits from over 225 companies. They are regional and national contract manufacturers and job shops that offer manufacturing and service capabilities.  They will offer products in the metal, plastics, rubber, and electronics industries with over 300 different products. Anyone involved in manufacturing engineering, design engineering, manufacturing management and purchasing, personnel should consider attending. This upcoming trade show is currently 4 booths from being sold out, and attendance is expected to be ahead of previous years.


This show is open to representatives from companies large and small that are looking for manufacturing services. Admission and attendance are free, but it is recommended to pre-register online before the show. Pre-registering will grant you faster access to the show and exclusive online planning tools and updates and announcements. Anyone attending can also bring parts or plans/blueprints to get quotes from exhibitors.


Exhibitors can also take advantage of D2Ps web link and post-show attendee leads to help market themselves before the show. Marketing ahead of time can help attendees know what companies will be there to seek them out more easily. Companies also have the option to advertise both in the Show Program and the Supplier Directory.

Why attend?

Trade shows such as this are essential after Covid 19. Covid left many companies without vendors and interrupted supply chain like never before seen. Due to businesses shutting down because of Covid, many companies have lost vendors and suppliers. D2P focuses on unique customer contract manufacturers, so the new online world of Zoom and Facetime wouldn’t suffice to help customers find new vendors. D2P offers face-to-face meetings to figure out these custom pieces and foster these new relationships. Covid also halted materials getting out, leaving projects backed up. This trade show gives opportunities for these projects to be finished as well as new ones to begin.

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