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Boost Employee Productivity by Adopting Lean Manufacturing Principles

Utilize Lean Manufacturing For Employee Productivity - Accelerated MFG

If you are thinking about selling your business at some future date, you should take steps now to implement industry proven steps to a more efficient workplace. The best approach is to embrace the core principles of Lean Manufacturing (“Lean”). This will give you a great story to tell buyers who already understand the value of this well-known approach.

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What Makes Manufacturing Companies Successful? The Same Things Make Them Easy to Sell

successful manufacturing companies

The phrase, “What makes manufacturing companies successful?” returns 169 million results in a Google search in .4 seconds. Now in my 25th year of selling manufacturing companies, I can tell you for sure that what makes them successful is also what makes them easy to sell. Having sold both highly successful manufacturing companies and companies on the brink of bankruptcy, my organization has unique insight into what makes a great manufacturing business. I’m launching a new series of articles on this subject in the hope that some manufacturers will move…

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Tips to a Smooth Acquisition Transition for Manufacturing

acquisition transition

Buying a company is the easy part. Once it’s in your hands, what do you do with it? How do you ensure its continued success as you step into the owner’s shoes? This acquisition transition doesn’t happen overnight and can even take a few years. There is no “right” way to integrate new leadership into the company, but below are some tips for a smoother acquisition transition. Enter With a Game Plan Throughout your research and acquisition of the company, you should be formulating an idea of how the company…

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Selling Your Manufacturing Business – The Patience To Get The Best Result

The Patience To Get The Best Result The process of selling a manufacturing company takes some time, especially if you want to find the RIGHT buyer. By “right” I mean a buyer who will respect, protect and grow your legacy, rather than make massive cuts in an effort to increase cash flow so they can “flip” the company as quickly as possible. Retiring manufacturing business owners sometimes think that selling to a big company will bring the best result. But in reality, “big” is sometimes not your best choice. Sometimes…

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Debt Free Funding for Manufacturing Company Acquisition

debt free

This month we’re taking a look at who is buying lower middle market manufacturing companies. One of our featured articles tells how an increasing number of middle-aged executives are leaving corporate America for business ownership. While this might not be news to you, how they’re funding the acquisition to be debt and interest free may be information that sparks your own entrepreneurial pursuit. Normally, if you take money out of a 401(k) before reaching age 59 ½, you have to pay income taxes on the money as well as a…

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Manufacturing M & A – Why a Roll Up Makes Sense

roll up

Why a Roll Up Makes Sense Finding the perfect manufacturing acquisition can be tough. Buyers usually have a list of criteria or “must haves.” For most of the buyers we work with, that list includes a business that can be scaled up, something with little competition in a fragmented industry where there are no or few dominant players. Most of the buyers that contact us are also looking for a minimum cash flow of $1-$2 million. The problem is that these manufacturing companies are few and far between. I spoke…

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The Next Gen of Manufacturing Entrepreneurs

next gen manufacturing

At Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, one thing we know for sure is that our single biggest category of buyer is young, successful corporate executives who want to be their own boss and invest in something with a higher ROI than most other options. We also know that many sellers look at these next gen manufacturing entrepreneurs and wonder, “How the heck is this guy going to run, let alone grow, my business?”  While their hands may not be roughed up (yet) and they are accustomed to coming to work in a sports coat…

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LinkedIn – It Could Change Your Life, Really


LinkedIn – It Could Change Your Life, Really LinkedIn is the business professional’s favorite social media platform. Most use it to connect themselves to opportunities that exist within their profession and new work opportunities. If you don’t think that’s true, talk to a headhunter. I recently had opportunity to speak to an executive IT placement firm owner who said that LinkedIn had all but destroyed his business. LinkedIn makes it easy for job seekers to connect with target companies. However, some are using LinkedIn for an entirely different purpose. They…

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Google Glass: Creepy for Public Use, Revolutionary for Manufacturing

google glass

Google Glass is the wearable computer that sits right in front of your eyes giving tech fans everywhere a chance to never leave their computers. It was, if Google had its way, supposed to become a ubiquitous computer, one where everyone would have access to the Internet/Computing ability at all times. This didn’t happen. Ever since the release of the first developer versions of Google Glass in early February 2013, the Glass has sparked controversy. Members of the press worried about its invasive nature and the comedians even called the…

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