Businesses Sold

Below is a small sampling of the manufacturing businesses we’ve sold.

National statistics show that most manufacturing companies in the lower middle market are sold to buyers from more than 100 miles away. Make sure that the broker you are considering has a national, rather than just a local, following to achieve the best results.  At Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., we’re known for bringing only the most qualified buyers into our client companies. It’s common for us to vet out hundreds of buyers, and only bring a small handful to visit. But those few are ALWAYS both professionally and financially qualified. Anything less than that is a waste of our time, and yours!

Vacuum, sintering, MIM, vacuum hot presses

Industrial Furnace Mfg., Sustainable Economic Moat

Price Not Disclosed

Our client was an industrial furnace manufacturer specializing in new and re-manufactured industrial vacuum, sintering, MIM, vacuum hot presses and hydrogen furnaces. To ensure the continuity of the company our client requested that we find a buyer with relevant industry experience, rather than simply a financial investor. This was like finding a needle in a haystack, but we found the perfect match!

Sold (MP-450)

Recognized Industry Leader of Micro-Precision Manufacturing

Price Not Disclosed

We successfully sold this carve out of a publicly traded company. After having vetted over 250 buyers, only 9 were granted visits. We obtained multiple offers and the business sold at more than the list price. This business was listed with a local broker for more than a year with no result before we were called in to sell.

Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication Company

Price Not Disclosed

National award winning 40-year old metal fabrication and welding company successfully sold to an out of state buyer who will be relocating to New England to take the helm of our client company. According to the Market Pulse report, most buyers of lower middle market manufacturing companies come from more than 100 miles away. If you’re considering a broker who only works locally, you might be shooting yourself in the foot.

Fiberglass Manufacturer

Manufacturer of Fiberglass Products

Price Not Disclosed

The largest company in the industry offered to purchase our client to gain their customers and close the plant. Our client gave us strict orders to find an acquirer who would keep the jobs in KY. We vetted over 200 companies, granted 7 visits, and received 6 offers. With the business development and sales skills of the family who made this acquisition, the largest company in the industry might not be the largest for very long! Best wishes to our new friends – the Accelerated Team will enjoy watching what happens next!

OEM Of Testing Equipment For The Semiconductor Ind.

OEM Of Testing Equipment For The Semiconductor Ind.

Price Not Disclosed

50+ year old industry leader in semiconductor testing equipment successfully sold to strategic buyer who is a world leader in the same sector based outside of the United States.

Curved Wood Manufacturer

Mfgr. of Architectural Curved Wood Panels

Price Not Disclosed

After vetting more than 100 buyers, only four were granted plant tours.  All four submitted Letters of Intent.  The business was sold to an out of state buyer who relocated to take the helm of this company keeping the jobs in the community.

CNC Component Manufacturer

CNC Component Manufacturer Serving OEMS

Price Not Disclosed

Our client was very concerned about the continuity of the company and future opportunity for the staff who had helped him become so successful.  We were able to find the perfect match in an out of state buyer who previously ran a division of J&J.

Maintenance & Repair Technology

Industrial Equipment Repair Company

Price Not Disclosed

After vetting hundreds of potential buyers, 3 strategic buyers with multiple holdings were granted plant tours and meetings. Two of the three make offers and our client gets to choose to whom they wish to sell. We accomplished in record time what a local broker couldn’t do in 4 years of listing this business. A “local” broker is not always the best choice. It’s about exposure to the best manufacturing business buyers in the U.S.


MA Based Aerospace Component Manufacturer

Price Not Disclosed

Sold at list price within 40 days.


NJ Stamping Company Holding Joint Patents With Raytheon

Price Not Disclosed

Company successfully sold to private equity after the death of founder.

medical device

Ultra Modern CNC Shop Serving The Medical Device Community

Price Not Disclosed

Three LOIs submitted on this listing within 48 hours.

cash box

Cash Box Manufacturer Selling Worldwide

Price Not Disclosed

Successfully sold NJ based business after client’s unsuccessful for-sale-by-owner efforts.

Sand Handling

U.S. Based Supplier of Sand Handling Equipment To The Foundry Industry

Price:  $2,950,000

Ohio based company sold to buyer from out of state.


Gun Barrel Manufacturer With New Rifling Technology

Price:  $2,200,000

South Carolina based company sold to New England buyer.

pump and valve

New England Pump & Valve Repair Facility

Price:  $2,295,000

3 LOIs submitted in one week – client got to choose to whom he wanted to sell.

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Northeast Manufacturer of Hydraulic Integrated Circuits

Price:  $1,895,000

LOI submitted less than 30 days of listing agreement being signed – sold to out-of-state buyer.

CNC Shop

Ultra Modern CNC Shop Providing Services to the Measuring Device Industry

Price:  $1,600,000

Over 250 inquiries and buyers vetted. Only 3 buyers are granted visits. All three submit offers. Two were out-of-state buyers.

Lathe Chuck

Northeast Niche Manufacturer Of Machine Tool Accessories

Price:  $1,250,000

Over 75 inquiries and potential buyers vetted. Only 2 brought to our client’s facility – both submitted offers.  Sold to out-of-state buyer.