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Electronic Contract Manufacturing
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Can you imagine the time it takes to vet 198 candidates for the sale of your business? You’d never be able to focus on your business. It took a team of people to both professionally and financially vet all these people to successfully sell our client company. It’s easy to understand why competition is so fierce when selling manufacturing companies in the electronic contract manufacturing market. Try to get through your day without using something that has an electronic circuit board. It’s near impossible.

The Electronic Contract Manufacturing market size was 445.8 Billion in 2020 and it’s expected to grow to 788.9 Billion by 2027, a CAGR of 8.5%.  At Accelerated we think these estimates are light, given the projected growth in the industries that rely on printed circuit boards.  Check out our Electronic Contract Mfg. Companies Sought For Acquisition page for more info.

We freed our client to grow their business, which doubled in size during the time we were marketing it. We narrowed down the 198 to only six companies that were granted visits. Of the six, four submitted LOIs. We’re delighted that the business will remain in its current location and the jobs in the community. The Company that made the acquisition has multiple Electronic Contract Manufacturing locations, with this being their first in New England.

Although Mic Jagger says, “you can’t always get what you want,” at Accelerated, we beg to differ. Our client company had two shareholders, each with different exit timelines. They both got what they wanted. One an immediate exit, and one will remain with the acquiring company after having his liquidity event.

People think the sale of a company is bad for employees. That’s not necessarily true. In this instance, the employees immediately received health insurance and other benefits they never had before. Also, as part of a much larger organization, they now have future professional growth opportunities they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

The Electronic Contract Manufacturing market is booming. If you’re thinking of retirement, we can help you get the best price and terms, and possibly sell before capital gains taxes double. Reach out today to learn more.

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