Prier, A Manufacturing Company with A Conscience – Manufacturing High-Five Series

the gift of giving
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In our Manufacturing High-Five series, we like to give a shout out to manufacturers who are a great example to others in the areas of philanthropy, social media or web development. This month we’re highlighting a 130-year-old manufacturer of plumbing products, Prier, located in Grandview, MO. This company is a shining example of how corporations can make a difference in their communities. Prier is a tithing company. Each year they give away 10% of the prior year’s profits to charitable causes in their community. Here’s how they describe their giving practices:

Funding decisions are guided by a philanthropic vision based in the belief that people’s lives are enriched through caring connections, that gifts should demonstrate empathy and caring, and that:

  • All children deserve the chance to grow up as healthy and productive persons;
  • Vibrant arts and cultural experiences enrich the lives of all citizens;
  • Communities need a strong infrastructure of basic institutions and services, especially for people in need.

We first learned about Prier’s philanthropic activities through a great blog post they did in January titled “The Gift Of Giving.” As a tithing company, we at Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. were touched by this article and so excited to see that other business owners were tithing! So High Five to Prier for all you do to help your community and worthy causes. Truth be told Nick Manning, President of Prier should get a double high-five because the company is also a great example of a manufacturing company doing social media right. Keep up the great work, Prier, and our best wishes for continued success!

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