Northwest Based Manufacturing Acquisition Opportunity – SBA Qualified

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Post-Covid, manufacturing companies are highly sought for acquisition because they were deemed essential during the pandemic while other types of businesses were closed. The problem is that many manufacturing processes are so complicated that they are inappropriate for those without experience. Occasionally, a gem that doesn’t require much experience comes on the market. This is the perfect Northwest-based manufacturing acquisition opportunity that is SBA qualified.

Many people would love to leave the corporate world to acquire their way into entrepreneurship, but they think they need to have millions saved to make the leap. The right manufacturing company’s cash flow will cover the debt service AND provide a salary you’re accustomed to, and often more. In this case, the largest SBA lender in the nation has agreed to provide funding for this acquisition to qualified acquisition candidates.

Check out these Company Highlights:

  • Over Two Decades of Solid & Respected Industry Reputation
  • Award-Winning Products
  • Brand Trademarked
  • No Customer Concentration
  • Products Featured in Internet Hunting Show, Some With 15 Million Views
  • Proprietary Manufacturing Process
  • Private Label Programs with High Profile Corporate Entities
  • Co-Branded Products with Major Corporations
  • Fast-Growing, High-Profit Internet Sales

Not convinced yet? The cash flow from this business will cover the acquisition loan payments plus approximately $300K. It’s time to make the entrepreneurial leap and stop allowing others to control your destiny.

You can access the NDA HERE if you’d like to learn more; You’ll be glad you did.

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