New Technology For The Small Arms Industry Including Lightweight Gun Barrel & Barrel Life Enhancement

Lightweight Gun Barrel
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Are you interested in expanding into another sector within the manufacturing industry? Or are you currently in the arms sector and need a new opportunity to spark stalemate sales? Do you have strong production and marketing capabilities? An acquiring entity, while leaving the founder to remain focused on R&D, will readily gain a phenomenal income stream due to our client’s product’s unparalleled performance capabilities.

We represent a US-based research and development firm primarily engaged in developing new technologies within the small arms and weapons sector with a focus on the needs of the US military.

Although the company has a broad range of technologies and services, the subject of this acquisition opportunity is one that has both military and commercial applications with the potential of being industry disruptive to gun and gun barrel manufacturing including Lightweight Gun Barrels and Barrel Life Enhancement.

The patent-pending technology being offered for acquisition, which currently has no competition, is the company’s lightweight bimetallic barrels that dramatically extend the life of the gun barrel and lower its weight.

An ideal partner for this company understands the growth potential and commercial viability of these technologies and has the marketing and production capability to successfully brand the products which include lightweight gun barrel & barrel life enhancement on a large scale.

This company was founded in 1990 and is among the top fifty Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) companies in the United States. The technology is extremely unique and is currently only available to various divisions of the US Government. This leaves a considerable commercial market that includes every major gun and gun barrel manufacturer, untapped, with major potential for interest and profit.

This is an opportunity to possess a cutting edge, industry-altering technology at its inception that will veritably translate into boundless revenue potential for the acquiring entity.

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