Northeast Based Metal Finishing & Coating Manufacturer Experiencing Incredible Growth

Metal coating
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Growth is a constant topic for any business hoping to find new customers and new revenue streams. Finding ways to expand has been no challenge for our Metal Finishing & Coating Manufacturer—they’ve nearly doubled their sales since 2016 and see no signs of stopping!

Our client is a metal finishing job-shop that offers a variety of coating services. For the past few years, they have experienced incredible growth due to a number of factors including new product lines, AS9100 certification, and competitive pricing.

The ability to boast AS9100 certification alone has opened our client to more business as certain players in the aerospace industry require this certification from their sellers. To match this high demand, they have expanded their staff to increase production capacity.

In addition to the growth our client has experienced in the past few years, this company is positioned to continue its upward trajectory. Most of their sales thus far have been reactive, as they do not have a presence online or in other popular marketing networks.

The addition of a marketing strategy alone would bring significant growth to the company. As mentioned earlier, they have a large team that is ready to take on a growing workload. With the right buyer, this company is poised to continue its development.

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