Medical Device Manufacturer Acquisition Opportunity – Breast Cancer Treatment Technology

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Medical Device Industry Investors – We Have What You’re Seeking – An Industry Disruptive New Technology

In the medical device industry, all investors seek a new technology that will be game changing and industry disruptive. When you find a technology with promise, the cost of approvals and clinical trials can be exorbitant. Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. has exclusively listed a medical device manufacturer that is without a doubt, industry disruptive. However, in this case, much of the early-stage work is already complete. The company’s technology is trademarked and patented in the USA, EU and 5 other countries. Reimbursement codes are already in place and being used, with over 6,000 patients already treated nationally.

What Makes This Technology Different?

So what’s so special about this breast cancer treatment technology? It’s a proven, more accurate delivery system that results in less toxicity AND a better cosmetic outcome. There is no competing product, period. The competition comes from the standard technology, which is more than 30 years old and provides much more exposure to the entire chest wall and lungs. Our clients have expanded the use of a diagnostic tool to develop a therapeutic treatment delivery system. The result is an image-guided system that allows for highly targeted treatment, which means less damage to surrounding tissue. Doctors can see what they’re treating and changes that occur during treatment. No product on the market is more accurate, or more economical for cancer treatment centers.

A Game-Changing Business Strategy – The Subscription Model

Most medical instrument manufacturers sell their units. Our very smart client set up a pay per use system with annual services contracts. This reoccurring income system makes their customers cash positive from day one. By using this model, our client company eliminates objections and sidesteps the usual budgetary restrictions common in major medical facilities. From our client’s perspective, they are cash positive after the 25th patient and continue to be cash positive into perpetuity. Additional income is added with annual equipment service contracts.

Scaling Up – The National & Global Market

The size of the US market potential is conservatively estimated at $303 million, with the global market estimated at $420 million. There are currently 2,000 radiation treatment centers in the US and our client is only in 58 of them. The company is cash positive and operates from an ultra-modern facility with a highly skilled staff.

Is That All You’ve Got?

There’s actually more…our client company has begun clinical trials for a pre-op application of their existing technology. This could lead to a revolution in the delivery of breast cancer radiation.

Let’s Review Why This Is An Outstanding Opportunity:Manufacturing Company

  • Industry Disruptive Technology
  • Patented Trademarked
  • Already Approved And In Use
  • Proven Superior Results
  • Generous Reimbursement Codes
  • Reoccurring Income – Subscription Model
  • Additional Applications For The Technology

Who Will Be Permitted To Make This Medical Device Manufacturer Acquisition

The founders of this amazing technology are nuclear physicists who’ve developed and sold other medical device companies. They wisely and accurately understand that if this technology is to become the worldwide standard of care for early-stage breast cancer, it must be sold to someone with a national sales team and the business acumen to scale up. Interested parties will be required to deliver presentations to the founders and their advisors on their qualifications in this regard. To learn more contact Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. at:



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