Major Refuse Truck Manufacturer Seeks Expansion

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trash-truckIf this describes your company or you’re a major name in the industry like Heil, McNeilus, Wayne Engineering or Kann Manufacturing, there is one decisive move you should make to expand operations and increase sales. Add to your product line up with a product that none of your competitors have. The brand is already THE name in the space, and it’s a product needed by every government, state, county and municipality here and abroad. Do your current products command a 50-70% margin? These products do!

Accelerated has exclusively listed the world leader in the manufacture of infrared pavement restoration and repair equipment. Their products have been sold in over 30 countries. This patent pending GREEN technology uses 1/7th the carbon footprint of conventional methods of pavement restoration. The use of the company’s products are extremely cost effective with a fraction of repair material being used and extremely faster repair time requiring less manpower and equipment. This business is totally re-locatable.

Will you be the one to acquire and control this technology? Or will you watch as your competitor launches a game changing product, further servicing and embedding themselves in the core customer base that you serve? To learn more contact, or call Fran at 908-387-1000.

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