Industry Leading Manufacturer of Testing Equipment For The Semi-Conductor Industry With New Industry Disruptive Technology – Poised For Exponential Growth.

Semi-Conductor Industry
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Semi-Conductor IndustryThere are few times in history when an acquisition opportunity arises and the selling entity is THE name in the industry. Respected worldwide with patents and product applications that have become industry standards, our client is poised for exponential growth with their most recent investment and patent in an industry disruptive technology. This company has name and brand recognition spanning over five decades. Innovation is at their core. While so many companies have lost to overseas competition, this company has China as Their Prime Customer. Their staff is young, devoted, skilled and brilliant. Their most recent patents have applications in the cell phone, television and medical research industries, in addition to others. But wait, there’s more!

Here’s where the story gets interesting for investors. The company is housed in an ultra modern 10,000 square-foot facility on almost 40 acres. The founder purchased the property to create a high-tech manufacturing industrial park. Although the real estate is not included in the asking price, it is available for sale at $1.3 million. A buyer could potentially make the acquisition of both the business and real estate and recoup the entire investment by either developing the property or selling it to an industrial developer.

The company has invested in excess of $1.3 million in the last three years for new patent and product development. They’ve developed a new technology with broad commercial process control applications in Industries ranging from Light emitting diodes, photo voltaic panels, high electron mobility transistors, infrared cameras with conventional inorganic semiconductor wafers and the new organic light emitting diode curved screen televisions and organic photo voltaic panels. With this newly developed technology, they’re ready to change the world….again. However, the founder is well into his retirement years and is seeking to transition out to ensure the continuity of the amazing company he has created. Learn more by requesting an NDA at

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