Are You a Gun Barrel Manufacturer That Can Use a Disruption? Disruptive Technology – Light Weight Gun Barrels

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disruptive-technologyCan you imagine if you possessed a technology that had the potential to change the entire firearms industry? What if this industry-altering development extended the life of a gun barrel 100% AND reduced the weight of the barrel by 40%?


Now, if you were a gun manufacturer AND held this technology, you would pretty much have command over the gun barrel business! Our client, a US based R&D firm has developed and controls this technology. You can be the acquiring entity of this disruptive technology that has both military and commercial relevance. Other companies have spent millions to develop just such a technology without success.


This is an opportunity to acquire a patent pending, cutting edge technology at its inception, while anticipating Government procurement contracts followed by full-scale military and commercial market production.


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