This Stamping House Acquisition Opportunity Can Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Bottom Line

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metal-stamping has exclusively listed a Northeast based Metal Stamping Job Shop that has flourished stateside for 40 prosperous years.

Their secret’s in the sauce. The two main ingredients:


Their quality control is unparalleled because they engineer and manufacture their own tooling.


Their diversified customer base has always translated into strong margins. No one industry they serve constitutes more than 25% of their income and they have an above average profit margin of 48% per job.


These long-standing customers keep this job shop perpetually busy while more work keeps coming in. They recently contracted $1.4 Million in military work!

So, whether you’ve been targeting work in the defense industry, or you’re in the market for an established, accomplished and foolproof acquisition, this shop is a guarantee. To find out even more contact us at

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