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COVID-19 Update

Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. is continuing to provide our full offering of services to clients despite the challenges we are all facing due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

AMB is now back in our offices. 

We have the necessary systems in place that are enabling all our office employees to be safe and protect their health and safety and those around them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 908-387-1000.

Please stay healthy and remember we are all facing the same challenges together.


Frances A. Brunelle

Frances A. Brunelle, President

908-387-1000 —

Selling Your Manufacturing Business

Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Selling Manufacturing Companies – The Electronic Contract Manufacturing Market

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-07-12

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Can you imagine the time it takes to vet 198 candidates for the sale of your electronic contract manufacturing business? It takes a team.

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Specialty Vehicle HVAC Manufacturer

Selling Manufacturing Companies – The Specialty Vehicle Market

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-07-06

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Our challenge was to find someone with specific experience in specialty vehicle HVAC and who would keep the jobs in the community. We did it.

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M&A in 2021

Manufacturing M&A in 2021 – The Market Pulse Report

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-06-09

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes At the close of Q1, lower middle-market companies were trending at 107% of benchmark pricing which indicates M&A in 2021 is up.

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New Cybersecurity Requirements for DoD Contractors & Manufacturing M&A

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-06-08

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Whether a direct contractor or a small sub-contractor, any mfr. needs to be aware of new U.S. Department of Defense cybersecurity rules.

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Strength of the Current M&A Market

Strength of Current M&A Market and Exiting or Merging To Reach a New Level

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-06-07

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 minute Discussing the strength of the current M&A market and the options business owners have for exiting or merging to reach a new level of growth.

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Manufacturing Transition Strategies

Manufacturing Transition Strategies

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-06-03

⏱ Reading Time: < 1 minute On Industrial Talk Podcast, talking to Fran Brunelle, President at Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Manufacturing Transition Strategies.

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How Will the Year of COVID-19 Affect the Sale of My Manufacturing Company?

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-03-18

⏱ Reading Time: 3 minutes How Buyers Are Viewing Acquisition Opportunities and a Financial Downturn. What we’re finding is the downturn may have little or no effect.

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sell to someone

Sell Your Manufacturing Company To Someone You Can Trust

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-03-17

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Are you worried about selling to someone you can trust who will keep the jobs in the community & provide future opportunity for your staff?

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Controlled Auction Process

Controlled Auction Process to Sell A Manufacturing Company – Is It The Best Option?

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-02-22

⏱ Reading Time: 4 minutes Does the controlled auction process work when selling manufacturing companies? In this article, we’ll discuss the pros and cons.

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using inventory to lower taxes

Using Inventory to Lower Taxes – How It Will Hurt the Sale of Your Manufacturing Company

By Frances Brunelle / 2021-01-20

⏱ Reading Time: 2 minutes Many manufacturers manipulate their inventory in an effort to lower taxes. Using inventory to lower taxes will hurt the sale of your manufacturing company.

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