How To Become a Service Provider to an Industry With Strong, Stable Growth

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IndustryWith the acquisition of our client, a Mid Atlantic based machine shop that has carved a niche providing welding and repair services to the multi-billion dollar engineered wood industry. The recovery of the housing market is expected to drive growth in demand for engineered wood products 40-45% over the next few years. This machine shop literally has the monopoly for the types of services they provide to all the industry heavy hitters with no competition to speak of.

With a history of over 20 years of consistent sales and a skilled staff, this company has safeguarded itself from competitors and exists in a league of their own. Are you a machine shop that wants to expand into new terrain and advance development? You can up your business game with just one move. Not only can you instantly break into a sector slated for real growth, but also corner the market as service provider to all the industry giants. It can take ages and endless resources to organically establish this kind of traction; this acquisition is the clear-cut solution for any common-sense machine shop.

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