Why Rotogravure Printing Still Rocks

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Rotogravure printing is one of the most widely used print techniques for high-volume printing. Gift wrapping, magazines, wallpaper, packaging, and laminates are all created using rotogravure printing. Gravure printing or rotogravure is an intaglio printing process that uses rotary printing capable of producing continuous tone images.

Because gravure is capable of transferring more ink to the paper than most other printing processes, it is noted for its remarkable density range. Because of the consistent high quality, it is the process of choice for fine art and photography reproduction.

Gravure printing is widely regarded as the best print process for flexible packaging formats such as stand-up pouches, quad seal bags, and flat bottom bags due to the fantastic and consistent print quality. A wide range of substrates, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, BOPP, etc., can be printed in the gravure press. Gravure printing is one of the common processes used in the converting industry.

Although most people don’t know about rotogravure printing, it touches many different industries in ways that other printing methods can’t.

Rotogravure printing still rocks – here’s why:

  • Gravure printing is the only high-speed and volume print process capable of printing continuous-tone images
  • As a direct print process, gravure printing results in better ink laydown and more consistent print quality
  • Printing times are extremely quick
  • Gravure printing uses quick-drying solvent-based inks to help speed up the print process
  • As the process is almost entirely automated the labor costs are relatively low
  • Gravure cylinders are extremely durable

Those seeking a manufacturing acquisition without an overly complicated manufacturing process might consider Rotogravure as a potential investment. Entrepreneurs seeking to expand their printing capabilities and customer base would also be great candidates for this acquisition, which you can view HERE.

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