Rita Tabatchnick, President of Tabatchnick Fine Foods

Tabatchnick Fine Foods

Today on the WAM podcast Frances Brunelle of Accelerated Logo Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers heartily welcomes Rita Tabatchnick.  Rita is the President of Tabatchnick Fine Foods, a nationally recognized soup company with over 30 varieties of hearty soups and broths. The company, amazingly, is now in its 115th year of operation. Under Rita’s leadership, Tabatchnick Fine Foods serves multiple markets including school lunch programs, national USAID programs, and retail frozen and fresh soups. In today’s episode we talk about all things family and women-owned business, where they’re operating in the markets, the reason behind their product lines, how they’re navigating new FDA regulations, how they work to give back to their community, and more! So stay tuned for yet another inspiring episode with a firehouse woman in the manufacturing industry.

Meet Our Guest, Rita Tabatchnick

In 2014 my husband died and I assumed control of Tabatchnick Fine Foods. We have a diversified line. Selling products for school lunch, national USDA programs, and retail frozen and fresh soups to supermarkets. I oversee all aspects of my business, sales, manufacturing, new product development, quality assurance, hiring employees. I have developed a niche as a small, woman-owned, hubzone company. These certifications help me win solicitations for government contracts. I compete in school lunch and supermarkets, by providing the highest quality products at competitive prices


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