Lydia Di Liello, MBA – CEO and Founder of Capital Pricing Consultants

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Frances Brunelle of Accelerated Logo Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers hosts the WAM podcast and interviews Lydia Di Liello, CEO and founder of Capital Pricing Consultants. Capital Pricing Consultants is a revenue management consultancy dedicated to helping clients grow profitability through strategic operational and tactical recommendations. Lydia has more than 23 years of global revenue management and business leadership expertise and has worked in over 16 countries with Fortune 500 and privately held firms.

In this episode, you will hear all about Lydia’s passion and her reason for starting the company and her years of experience working in procurement at General Motors. Lydia and Frances shift to discussing proactive versus reactive pricing, why constantly lowering prices is detrimental to the industry, and what manufacturers can do to avoid price wars and reverse auctions. Lydia talks about instances where she has advised her clients to “fire” demanding customers and when she has encouraged them to lower their prices under specific circumstances.

Tuning in to this conversation, listeners will also hear Lydia’s go-to advice to her clients and all about her upcoming workshop hosted by the Professional Pricing Society.


Meet Our Guest, Lydia Di Liello

Lydia Di Liello is the CEO and founder of Capital Pricing Consultants, a revenue management and business consultancy dedicated to improving profitability for its clients through strategic, operational and tactical recommendations. Spending her corporate career in b to b with leadership roles including manufacturing, pricing and procurement, Lydia has worked with global Fortune 500 companies and privately held firms in over 16 countries. Achieving dramatic impact to bottom-line results through Strategy, Process & Technology, Lydia’s clients benefit from her breadth and depth of knowledge delivering exceptional results: 3%-300% profit increase in as little as six months. She has created green field Pricing departments, designed and implemented pricing software and developed and guided a global pricing strategy. Lydia is a noted speaker and has presented at executive forums, conferences and workshops worldwide and publishes frequently in trade and professional journals. With more than 25 years of global revenue management and business leadership expertise, she holds an MBA from Youngstown State University and is a member of the PPS Board of Advisors. Lydia is passionate about increasing profitability with proven transformational results for her clients.

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