How Social Media Can Help You Grow Your Manufacturing Business with Chelsea Sutton


Today on the WAM podcast, Frances Brunelle speaks with US Army veteran and Co-Owner of Smith Metal and Sutton Machining, Chelsea Sutton, about how manufacturing businesses can use social media to attract new customers and promote their services or products. As with all small business owners, Chelsea wears multiple hats, acting as head of business development, marketing, and public relations at Smith Metal and Sutton Machining, which offer services in CNC milling, CNC turning, EDM, 3D printing, surface grinding, welding, and fabrication. Tuning in, you’ll hear how Chelsea expanded through acquisition during COVID and lost nearly half of her customer base as a result of shutdowns due to the pandemic. She shares how she used social media to attract new customers and boost business, as well as her advice for manufacturers who hope to do the same, plus so much more! Make sure to tune in today.

Meet Our Guest, Chelsea Sutton

I am an Army veteran, CMU Grad (Fire Up Chips), and a co-owner of two CNC Machine jobs shops in southwest Michigan. Between our two shops we offer CNC milling, CNC turning, EDM wire, sinker, drilling, 3D printing, surface grinding, welding, and some fabrication. Our shops can do anything from small prototype orders to large production runs. I love meeting new people and learning how we can work together. My role within both companies is business development, marketing, sales, public relations and sometimes delivery truck driver. As a small business owner, I wear a lot of different hats (sometimes literally).

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