Enterprise Software for Project-Based Businesses with Shina Neo


Today on the WAM podcast, Fran welcomes Shina Neo, the editorial director and media relations specialist at Adeaca.  At Adeaca Shina works with Project-based businesses that have unique challenges that are very different from traditional service industries. While many project businesses use traditional ERP systems, they don’t really work for them because they are not built with projects in mind. Today we chat with Shina Neo, editorial director and media relations specialist at Adeaca. She explains the relatively new term of ‘project business’ and Adeaca’s role as innovators in this field. The mission of Adeaca is to make enterprise software work for project-based businesses. They built the first project business automation system that unifies all project business functions into one system that works seamlessly in real-time. Shina explains how Adeaca’s solution works alongside traditional ERP systems to tailor to the unique needs of project businesses in the manufacturing world to help govern cost, risk, and delivery. Shina also chats about her role as a ‘project business evangelist’, the importance of identifying yourself as a project business, and why you should be seeking solutions tailored specifically towards project businesses. She also provides helpful advice for content creation and using it to establish yourself as a thought leader. Tune in today for all this and more!

Meet Our Guest, Shina Neo

Shina Neo is the editorial director and media relations specialist at Adeaca. She acts as a project business evangelist for Adeaca and specializes in cultivating relationships with project business media outlets, communication campaigns that build brand awareness and creating educational content for project-based industries. Previously, Shina has written for numerous newspapers and magazines nationwide.

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