U.S. Based Manufacturer of Custom Orthotics & Foot and Ankle Braces For Sale

Custom Orthotics
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Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers has exclusively listed a U.S. Based Manufacturer of Custom Orthotics & Foot and Ankle Braces. This company manufactures every product they sell permitting the highest quality control in the industry making them a solid player with a stellar reputation. Their product line includes but extends beyond custom prescription orthotics in 27 styles and 4 different shell thicknesses, sports orthotics in 12 different styles, and pre-molded orthotics in 14 different styles. They are the official orthotics lab for a major sports franchise and they hold a patent in conjunction with a leading podiatric surgeon for a unique sports-related orthotic.

Clients include doctors, podiatric specialists, physical therapists, chiropractors, medical universities, and a major sports franchise. They have thousands of customers spanning the continental US and Canada.

After 25 years in the business, this custom orthotics company’s manufacturing lab is streamlined, well ordered and systematic to maximize production time, which will make it easy for an acquiring company to transition in.  Substandard quality products are being sold for more by competitors, leaving room for a price increase without danger of losing market share.

Their industry grew 9% in 2013 over the prior year and is projected to grow another 5.1% in 2014. Solid manufacturing procedures, best in class core products, and patented orthotic make this an attractive acquisition.

This opportunity is listed appropriately and competitively at $1,600,000.

All interested parties will be required to sign an NDA and provide evidence of their financial capability. To request the NDA and more information contact: info@AcceleratedMfgBrokers.com Accelerated Mfg Brokers provides services exclusively to manufacturers and has over 3,500 registered buyers seeking an acquisition. We are a recognized leader in the industry with almost twenty years of experience.

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