For Sale – NJ Based Fabricating & Welding Business

Fabricating & Welding Business
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Fabricating & Welding BusinessThe triple threat that ensures year over year growth of 11.5% is a combination of three different skill sets not often found in a fabricating shop. This NJ based fabricating shop is also skilled in welding AND machining. Most fab shops have to farm out work in these categories, but our client does it all in house. This combined with incredible customer service, has catapulted this company’s sales every year, despite that fact that they’ve never advertised their company. They don’t even have a website. Could growth double if an acquiring company took their long history and respected name and developed a web presence and marketing campaign? Do you have the marketing know how to make it happen? To learn more about this incredible opportunity request an NDA by emailing or call 908-387-1000

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