New England Aerospace Component Manufacturer Goes Under Contract

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We’ve Done It Again

Another New England Aerospace Component Manufacturer is under contract. Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. has repeatedly received multiple offers for our aerospace component manufacturing clients, particularly in New England. As a result, we’re actively seeking new clients in this sector.

This will be the 4th company we’ve sold in recent history in “Aerospace Alley.”  We have active buyers for manufacturers making precision components for the aerospace sector, even if they’re not members of the Aerospace Components Manufacturers Association. If you’re considering retirement or need an equity partner to help accelerate growth, we can help. We’d like to start a conversation with you to determine if your company might be right for the buyers registered with us.

Specific aerospace component acquisition criteria include the following:

  • Sales between $4-$25 million
  • EBITDA between $750K-$5 million
  • AS9100 Certified
  • Room to grow in existing facility
  • Prefer situations where they can get an option to buy the real estate

Two of our recent clients were partnerships where the desired exit timing was different for each partner. Some owners think that’s an impossible situation to navigate. We’ve been able to get each shareholder the desired exit timing they wanted.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Consultations are always free and confidential
  • We never charge money upfront
  • We have a 98% success rate
  • We sell more New England manufacturing companies than any other firm
  • We sell exclusively within the manufacturing sectors and have for over 25 years
  • If you’re in Aerospace Alley or anywhere in New England, we want to speak with you

Not Ready to Exit Yet?

Your timing for exit may still be a few years away. We can help you to be better prepared when the time comes. We’ve been selling aerospace component manufacturers for more than 25 years. We’ll help you to prepare your business to stand out from the crowd and get the best price to support your retirement. Start the confidential conversation here. If you’d like to contact us, click here.

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