Investing in the Cannabis Industry – The Cost of Crop Failure

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The cannabis growing industry is highly competitive and faces increased state regulations for microbial contamination issues. A failed crop can wipe out a grower’s annual profit. This problem has led to the rise of a cannabis-related industry that everyone investing in the sector should be aware of.

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) has historically been used to examine the quality of parts in “no-fail” industries like aerospace, defense, and medical instruments. Industry leaders in traditional NDT fields are increasingly being asked to apply their expertise to the cannabis industry.

While NDT companies have come up with a variety of methods to remediate molds, pesticides, and dangerous toxins from cannabis, not all methods are created equal because they can sometimes change the color, look, and smell of the product.

One company stands out technologically above the others. Their best-in-class, patented remediation systems assure clean, safe, heat-free, and chemical-free eradication of all pathogens down to the DNA. Unlike other remediation methods, the company’s newly patented system leaves the treated product virtually unchanged as to look & smell. Yet, this X-ray remediation method provides complete penetration, ending future replication of pathogens after treatment. Non-X-ray remediation methods do not stop the regeneration of pathogens, which can cause crop failure at a later period.

Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. has exclusively listed this 30+ year-old, ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of X-ray remediation systems for the cannabis industry. They’ve historically played in traditional NDT sectors and have sold to every major aerospace manufacturer.

States that are legalizing cannabis are also regulating microbial contamination. This means the cannabis remediation industry will continue to rise, aided by increased government regulation. This equates to a great investment opportunity. As NDT equipment manufacturers, this sector is not under the same financial restrictions the cannabis industry suffers from.

The Seller would consider a complete sale or a partnership to facilitate growth. To learn more, you can access the NDA HERE.

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