Acquisition Opportunity – Tractor & Construction Equipment Implements

Patented Tractor Attachment
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Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. has exclusively listed one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of tractor, skid steer, and excavator attachments. The Company is both a dealer for US made brands and a manufacturer of their own branded products.  The Company has a passion for looking at what is currently being offered in the marketplace and designing and patenting products that perform better, last longer and provide for operator’s safety.  The Company knows the agriculture/construction accessory market so well that they bring products to market that answer the customer’s need and almost sell themselves.  They boast four patents and four trademarks.

The secret sauce has been the Company’s commitment to quality, customer services and their own patented products and trademarks. With a strong and loyal DTC following, they are viewed as an industry leader with better quality and pricing than industry giants who sell through distributors, which is why a few industry OEMS have tried to acquire them over the years.

They’ve also been asked to private label for OEMS in the past. They’ve declined these opportunities to remain focused on their own high-margin and patented products. The Company has had consistently higher margins than competitors selling through distributors.


Check out these highlights:

  • Over 75 Years of Respected History
  • 38-49% Gross Margins
  • 18-32% Adjusted EBITDA Margins
  • Innovative Patented Implement Designs
  • Nationally Recognized Trademarks
  • Selling Direct to Consumer
  • Robust E-Commerce Business
  • Substantial Recent Investment in Machine Tools
  • Department Heads in Place for Every Function

This is a PE platform-size opportunity, with the owner welcoming the opportunity to maintain some equity. To learn more, you can access the teaser and NDA HERE.


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