International Investment – A “Hot Category” of Buyers

International Investment
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International InvestmentAccording to The Organization for International Investment Report for 2016, “…in the first three quarters of 2015, FDIUS (Foreign Direct Investments in the US) exceeded $320 billion.” WOW.

International investment in US industry is a good thing. It funds factories, R&D and creates millions of well-paying jobs. Just look at what Honda & Toyota have done in Alabama & Mississippi, respectively. Foreign investment is happening in a wide range of industries – mining, banking, finance & insurance, utilities, retail trade, and manufacturing. And the best part of all this – manufacturing accounts for more than one-third of the cumulative foreign direct investment.

What’s the attraction

The US offers a huge consumer market, a skilled and productive workforce, a great entrepreneurial culture and the largest venture and private equity market in the world. When an investor seeks growth through acquisition, the appeal of established suppliers and customers, a skilled and trained workforce, and distribution channels is incredible.

What We're Experiencing

At Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., we're experiencing international investment opportunities more and more. We're working with potential buyers from the UK, India, Ireland, Japan, and Hungary. All operate large manufacturing facilities in their respective countries and are hoping to gain a foothold in the US. These investors have a true entrepreneurial spirit and dreams to take your business to new heights.

What About You

If you are considering selling your business, be sure to align yourself with a business broker who has the ability to identify, connect and work with these international buyers. If you don’t, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

We are living in a global economy. And we believe it’s a good thing.

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