Good News For Glass Manufacturer (s) – Recent Change To Building Codes

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Recent Change To Building Codes

We all hear about how excessive regulation can be devastating for business. However, every now and then regulation is put in place for safety, and it’s also REALLY good for business. Such is the case with recent changes to building codes that are really good for impact resistant and safety glazed glass manufacturer (s).

Regulations Are Now Widely Enforced

The family of International Codes published by the International Code Council (IRC) is the most widely used in the history of U.S. construction codes. In addition to its widespread use throughout the 50 states, numerous federal agencies, including the National Park Service and the U.S. Department of Defense, have also adopted the International Codes. The most recent edition of the IRC and IECC are the 2015 editions. Although the changes occurred in 2015, they’ve not been widely enforced to give people time to prepare for the changes….that is until now.

Both impact resistant and safety glazing codes changed in 2015 to become much more strict and these changes are just starting to be enforced in 2017. Not only will new construction projects fall under the new regulations, but older facilities will also have to comply and upgrade to safer glass. This means a huge growth opportunity for the glass manufacturer who is prepared for the changes.

Why It’s Really Good For A Glass Manufacturer

In preparation for the growth in these segments of the market, one very smart New England based glass manufacturer spent last year expanding their building to accommodate the growth. This company has all the hallmarks of a great acquisition. They have people and systems that practically run on autopilot. They are a product-based manufacturer in a fragmented market where the barriers to entry are high because of the cost of the equipment. They’re in an industry where increased regulation for product safety is actually helping them. The company operates under a pay-more-for-quality principle and it works for them, as evidenced by their great cash flow. Our client’s company has good bones and an opportunity for growth. This type of acquisition is a rare find. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual exiting corporate America, with a solid background in business development, marketing and advertising. Fill out an NDA to learn more.

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