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Alternative Protein
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The surprising thing about investment in the alternative protein space is that much comes from traditional protein (meat) companies who are “hedging their bet.” Against what?

  • Increased Government Regulation
  • Animal Disease Negatively Impacting Profits
  • Sustainability Issues

As much as traditional protein manufacturers may want to invest in the space, they face many issues:

  • Valuations are through the roof
  • A “young” industry is, for the most part, not yet profitable
  • Obtaining a meaningful ownership percentage is difficult and costly.

Those already in the alternative protein space face their own challenges to scaling up.

The Good Food Institute recently reported that the number one constraint to scaling up the alternative protein sector is the issue of manufacturing capacity.  Building facilities from scratch is costly and also time-consuming.

The article offers for consideration that repurposing facilities and equipment should be explored.  While that may be a satisfactory alternative in some cases, there is still the issue of skilled workers.  This is something that both plant-based protein and animal protein manufacturers are struggling with.

There is a solution for both the traditional protein manufacturing seeking entrance into the alternative protein space and the alternative protein manufacturer needing to solve the capacity issue.  Acquiring a company that is up and running with plenty of excess capacity is clearly the best choice.

Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. has exclusively listed a vegetarian and vegan alternative meat product manufacturer with a brand spanning over eight decades.

The alternative protein manufacturer can gain capacity and add workers through acquisition.  Traditional meat companies can gain entrance into the space through complete acquisition or acquiring a controlling interest in one of the oldest plant-based protein companies in existence with proven brand loyalty.

Check out these highlights:

  • Brand Name with 83-year history
  • Turn-Key Operation – SQF Highest Level:
    • Food Safety Manufacturing Code 9.0
    • Quality Code 9.0
    • HAACP – Fully Implemented
  • KOF-K – Kosher Certified
  • K12 – MACE-VE Ingredient Certifications
  • FDA Inspected
  • Wholesale Food Processor Licensed
  • Proprietary ingredient and manufacturing techniques that maximize flavor & texture
  • Products with superior nutritional specifications that contain no genetically modified ingredients
  • Trademarked products
  • Vegetarian & vegan burgers, chicken, deli slices, tuna & more
  • Manufacturing at only 40% capacity on one shift
  • Tenured Staff
  • Infrastructure in Place for Sustained Growth

This is an opportunity to acquire a company with a grand history in an industry that is still in its infancy but one that is truly disruptive in nature with no place to go but up.

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Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. has worked exclusively within the manufacturing sectors for almost 30 years.  Our clients are among the best-quality manufacturing companies in the nation.

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