Acquisition Opportunity ­Mid Atlantic Market Monopoly!

Acquisition Opportunity ­Mid Atlantic Market Monopoly!
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Acquisition Opportunity ­Mid Atlantic Market Monopoly!Our client, a Mid Atlantic based machine shop owner, is looking to retire and put his almost twenty years of hard work into new hands. The company services the engineered wood industry, a market that is trending within the United States with a 10% rise in 2013 over the prior year. There are no signs of the market slowing down anytime soon.

The company itself could not be in a better position ­ along with an average profit margin of 39%, the company also boasts a niche monopoly. That’s correct ­ there is virtually no competition for this company! For American machine shops on the upward trend, this is nearly unheard of. Trying to build your own monopoly within this industry would take decades ­ if it were even possible considering the stronghold this company has gained.

An industrial monopoly, 39% average profit margin, even a competent staff that is willing to work through the transition of ownership ­ if you are thinking of acquiring machine shop for positive growth and expansion, there is no better opportunity than this!


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