Achieve Accuracy With a Measuring and Control Device Industry Acquisition

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Precise dosing in the medical industry can be a matter of life and death. Our client, a Northeast based CNC shop is no stranger to critical applications and working in acute tolerances. They’ve earned an impeccable reputation serving the measuring device industry for two solid generations.


This ultra modern machine shop is the sole service provider of their particular services to a global industry giant. Our client’s pride in personalized service has rooted them successfully in the industry they serve. This company:


  • assists in engineering and product development through prototype.


  • provides full production runs of the most intricate parts of the products after prototype.


  • accommodates light assembly of some products for their key customers.


  • renders product development consultation to key industry players.


An acquiring entity will also fall heir to an exponential sales explosion with this company’s brand new product launch. Sales are expected to increase approximately 75%! This company has over $450K in CNC equipment, $500K of work in progress and $250K in inventory, assuring a hands down foolproof acquisition.


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