New England Based Entrepreneurial Opportunity to Do Something Big and Make a REAL Difference

Make A Difference
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Have you ever dreamed of doing something BIG to make a difference in the lives of others, but not known what it would look like or how to get started?  If you answered, “yes,” we at Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc. may be able to help.  We have an opportunity that would allow you to step – rather than jump – into entrepreneurship and ease into doing something really BIG.

Our client has a patented and trademarked process and medical device, which is revolutionizing how radiation therapy is delivered to breast cancer patients.  The ideal candidate will NOT be a nuclear physicist, but have a strong business development, sales and marketing background, with the chops to provide women across the U.S. and around the globe with access to this technology.

The opportunity lies in utilizing our client’s technology to develop a standard of care in breast cancer radiation therapy

Radiation treatment options are numerous, and physician biases and training can impact the treatment plan.  However, regardless of these biases there are three concerns every patient has which transcend treatment options during radiation therapy:

  • Minimizing the risk to healthy tissue
  • Minimizing the risk to the heart, lungs and chest wall
  • Maximizing the cosmetic results

Clinical evidence supports the use of our client’s technology to deliver superior results on all three fronts

The founders seek an equity partner with an interest in making a complete acquisition in 3-5 years.   They plan to remain engaged for three or more years to transition their knowledge and insights.  They are supported by an incredible engineering team who has already participated in the development of newer generations of the original technology.

A quick look at the business for:


To date, more than 10,000 patients in 25 states have taken advantage of this treatment option.  And, as those numbers and awareness grow, so will demand.

The company is celebrating the 10th anniversary of treating their first patient.  In her words, “I recommend it to all women”….”I wish you could hurry up and make (this technology) available for all women – everywhere!”

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