Project, Contract, and Supplier Management with Angela Thurman

Project Management

In today’s episode of Women and Manufacturing, Fran Brunelle is joined by Angela Thurman, a project manager with 30 years of experience working within NASA, Aerospace, Defense and Telecommunications industries.

Meet Our Guest, Angela Thurman:

Angela Thurman and Thurman Co. help small to medium-sized organizations with strategic, technical Project Management to ensure that they are doing the right things to keep their projects aligned with their business goals. While balancing the Project Management Triple Constraint Triangle of Scope-Cost-Schedule, they also bring in Quality, Risk, and Communication management to outside projects.

Angela Thurman spearheaded the recovery of a flagship program to bring it in almost 4 months ahead of schedule saving millions in costs, time, and reputational damage while meeting a hard regulatory deadline. Fully qualified in Project Management with a Masters’s Degree and a Project Management Professional™ (PMP™) certification. Rich experience in Project Management, Risk Management, and Continuous Improvement.

Today we gain insight into the topic of project, contract, and supplier management, and how they relate to small and medium-sized manufacturers. Joining us for this discussion is an expert in this field: Angela Thurman is the Principal Managing Director of Thurman Co, an organization that helps small to medium-sized companies with strategic technical project management to help them stay aligned with their goals. Angela is no stranger to contract management, having spent 10 years as a principal subcontracts program manager at Collins Aerospace and with experience negotiating $1 billion contracts. Tuning in you’ll hear about Angela’s impressive career in the aerospace industry and how she came to found her own consulting business. She touches on many different aspects of the manufacturing industry and covers helpful topics including how to overcome resistance to change through project management, how to negotiate a contract from the position of strength as a small- to medium-sized manufacturer, and how you can reap the benefits of a contract when it comes to your suppliers. For some fascinating insight from someone who is usually on the other side of the negotiating table, tune in today!

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