The agriculture robotics industry has nowhere to go but up


With the world population expected to grow to over 9 billion by 2050, artificial intelligence innovation in this industry will be necessary to accomplish the 25% efficiency improvement needed to feed the population.

In 2020 the Agriculture Robotics industry was $4.6B and it’s expected to grow to $12B by 2022 with a CAGR through 2025 of 34.5%.

Agricultural Autonomous Plowing

Technologies sought provide autonomous solutions in the following areas:

Agriculture Robotics Companies
Agriculture Robotics
Agricultural Autonomous Plowing
Agriculture Seeding

About registered buyers

Registered buyers include:

  • Large strategic companies seeking to grow through acquisition
  • Equipment manufacturers not currently in this space
  • Family offices
  • Private equities

These buyers have gone through our rigorous vetting process:

  • Financial statements provided showing adequate funds for purchase
  • Professional qualifications and/or experience owning similar businesses
  • Geographic regions identified for purchase
  • Plans for business growth, opportunities for employees, operations and sales and marketing skills explained

Revenue range

Revenue range graphic 7-50mm

Buyer acquisition target criteria range is companies with $7MM-$50MM in revenue.

The minimum EBITDA requirement is $1.5MM – $8MM.

Specific geographic interest

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