World Renowned Mfgr. OEM Of Testing Equipment For The Semiconductor Ind.


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Northeastern U.S.
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Yes, partial to qualified buyers
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*not Included In Purchase Price
The company’s successful history spans over 5 decades with 34 patents and two new patents pending. Their work is known throughout the world with a common industry measurement being named after the company. Although their work has been primarily in the semiconductor test equipment area, the company is working on applications of their patents that have global implications. Additional product applications include photovoltaic, flat panel display, silicon and LED metrologies.
The company is working to develop applications within the medical and solar panel sectors that are showing incredible promise.
The company operates in an ultra modern 10,000 sq. ft. facility situated on 37 acres of developable industrial park land. The real estate is available for purchase at $1.3 million.
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