Business summary

The Company is a Southeast-based ISO-Certified manufacturer specializing in multi-axis CNC milling & turning and thermoset plastic injection molding. The Company is the only US manufacturer of a product used in electrical products worldwide. In response to the needs of customers in this sector, the Company developed a proprietary process for bonding metal to a plastic injection molded part to create a leak-proof seal. Although there is a worldwide need for this product, only 1.1% of the Company’s sales come from overseas markets, leaving incredible opportunities for growth. The Company owns all the molds for this product. Additionally, the Company is making parts for one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the US. The Company enjoys blanket purchase orders with timed releases for several key customers.

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Client number CNC-PIM-675
Region Southeast
Revenue $4,441,116
FF&E $1.25MM
Real estate * Available for purchase
Building size sq. ft. 31,926
Financing available Yes, partial to qualified buyers
Adjusted EBITDA $553,838
Asking price Undisclosed

*not included in purchase price

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