Foreign Manufacturers Establishing a Presence In The USA – The Shortcut You Need To Know

Foreign Manufacturers
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Some of the largest U.S. manufacturers who have been outsourcing to other countries are now insisting that the overseas foreign manufacturers they work with establish plants within the borders of the U.S. Starting a plant from scratch can be a daunting, expensive and very time-consuming proposition. The smartest acquirers are taking a shortcut that every company considering expansion into U.S. markets should consider.

Rather than start a plant from scratch, many companies are seeking to acquire a plant that is already up and running. A plant that already has great cash flow and excess production capability. This allows the acquiring entity to gradually move foreign manufacturers’ operations into the new plant while making a solid income.

Consider the following. An ultra-modern aerospace communications manufacturer who is a direct vendor with Honeywell is on the market. They own 10,000 square feet of prime manufacturing space, but they’re only using about 2,500 square feet. Their sales are over $2 million and their cash flow is an insane $1.3 million. Yes, they’re netting over 60%! Their machine tools are as late as 2014 and enough to make any plant owner drool. The price? An incredibly low $1.495 million. How long would it take you to build this cash flow organically? Push the easy button and make this acquisition before your competition does. Get more information by emailing an NDA request to or Contact Us here.

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