Acquire Your Way Into a Sector with 7.8% Growth

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US Cutting Tool Consumption KEEPS GOING UP and this is great news for the acquiring company of our exclusive listing of a US based Custom Carbide Indexable Tooling Manufacturer & Tooling Distributor!  Ride an opportunity for growth in an industry that’s a leading force behind the steady expansion of US manufacturing activity.

Every month The US Cutting Tool Institute and The Association For Manufacturing Technology puts out The Cutting Tool Market Report on U.S. manufacturers’ consumption of the cutting tool.  Analysis of cutting tool consumption is a leading indicator of both upturns and downturns in U.S. manufacturing activity, as it is a true measure of actual production levels.  So far this year, the reports have been telling an uphill tale.  Our client’s multifaceted services have enabled them to enjoy growth, like this, for 30 years, maturing to 650 customers while securing a stellar reputation.

They work on the same playing field with industry giants but outperform them in lead-time. Their tooling is used in a variety of sectors like Aerospace, Defense, Automotive, Commercial, Nautical, Small and Heavy Equipment, Medical and Oil. They are a distributor of tooling used by almost every machine shop in America and also provide repair services of existing tooling.




“The first quarter of 2014 closed strong for cutting tools, which was in line with some other key industry indicators,” said Brad Lawton, Chairman of AMT’s Cutting Tool Product Group. “Robust machine tool orders and a moderate increase in the industrial production index for manufacturing in March are good signs for future cutting tool sales.”

An acquiring entity can readily gain traction in the cutting tools industry with this existing company, that has forged the way for tremendous expansion and growth potential.

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