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you didn't build that

I, like so many business owners, was enraged to hear the president of the United States speak so dismissively of business owners and job creators when he said “You didn’t build that.”  Taken out of context?  No, I don’t think so.  I took the time to read the ENTIRE speech, which is available online.  In full context, I thought it was actually worse.

I get the whole infrastructure argument.  Yes, we all use the roads and bridges, but we did not “all” pay for them.  About half the country pays NO tax at all.  President Obama is amazed that some folks think they are smarter than others?  Aren’t they?  Are not some among us brilliant?  If that were not the case, would we have electricity, airplanes, automobiles, prescription drugs and thousands of other things that make life better?  Some among us ARE brilliant and that brilliance should be celebrated and rewarded, not penalized.

Is it not true that some among us have taken an incredible risk in their entrepreneurial endeavors and as a result created companies that have changed the world?  The President said that we succeed because we do things “together.”  I think he is dead wrong.  Some in our country put forth little or no effort, and do not contribute to society.  On the other hand, some through their blood, sweat, and tears have provided a better world for the masses.

Men who have attained things worth having in this world have worked while others idled, have persevered when others gave up in despair, have practiced early in life the valuable habits of self-denial, industry and singleness of purpose. As a result, they enjoy in later life the success so often erroneously attributed to good luck.” ~ Grenvill Klieser

My company’s audience is in the manufacturing sector.  A sector that has provided our nation with wealth, jobs and products needed for the advancement of humanity.

Manufacturing has helped the USA in EVERY economic recovery.

Some of the most brilliant, authentic, interesting and entrepreneurial people I have had the pleasure of meeting are Manufacturers!

So my manufacturing audience, how did you like being told, “you didn’t build that”?

As an independent woman working in a male-dominated industry, having been totally self-supportive since the age of 16; NEVER taking a government handout, and having built my business from nothing, I can tell you EXACTLY what I felt hearing that statement.  Shock, initially, then anger.  I DID build this!

So folks, here is what happens when a Jersey Girl gets angry.  Tell me how you built your business.  Did you build your business from nothing as I did?  Did you work night and day to make it a success?  Do entire families rely on the income received from your enterprise? Share your story!

We are asking all in our manufacturing network to spout off and tell their story.  As entrepreneurs who love this country, we can not be silent.  PLEASE share this with all your manufacturing networks and encourage everyone to respond.

If YOU BUILT IT, tell us about it.  Here is what we will do with your responses:

  • The Accelerated Buy Sell, Inc. team will pick what we perceive to be the best story of a manufacturing business built from nothing, and feature your company in our December 2012 Newsletter that goes out to about 100,000 manufacturers.
  • Submit entries between now and October 31, 2012.  We will create an e-book of all who respond. The e-book will be available for free.  We will make a donation to the Society of Manufacturing Engineers Educational Foundation.
  • We will mail a free copy of our publication to President Obama. Perhaps as a “good-bye” gift from the manufacturing industry.

If you have questions about our services, don’t hesitate to contact us HERE.

About Frances Brunelle

Frances Brunelle is the founder of Accelerated Manufacturing Brokers, Inc., which specializes in the sale of lower middle-market manufacturing companies nationally. Fran and her team help to ensure the continuity of U.S. Manufacturing by transitioning ownership to the next generation of entrepreneurs. Recently Fran was named to 2020 Most Influential Women in Mid-Market M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions). Fran will also be the host of WAM (Women and Manufacturing) podcast, a Jacket Media production. Fran writes on topics that help manufacturing business owners prepare their companies for sale and navigate the sale process to ensure a positive financial result in support of their retirement.

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