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Women And Manufacturing Podcast

Where accomplished women empower accomplished women.

Frances Brunelle, Host

Tanya DiSalvo, President of Criterion Tool

Today’s guest on the WAM Podcast is Tanya DiSalvo, she’s the president of Criterion Tool, in Brookpark, Ohio. Criterion Tool is a female-owned, non-union, precision machine shop that strives for excellence in machining for the “No Failure” industries of Medical Device, Aerospace, Defense and Photonics. Tune in to today’s episode to hear more from Tanya and her role in empowering women in the manufacturing world.

Dawn White, Founder and CEO of Perisense Inc.

We are excited to share today’s guest and her company with all your manufacturing businesses, especially those who are small to mid-sized. Today on the WAM podcast our guest is Dawn White, the founder and CEO of Perisense Inc., based in Ann Arbour Michigan. Dawn shares with on how she started Perisense Inc. and how the company is working towards making things like the industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things more accessible to small mid-size manufacturing businesses.

Elisabeth Weissenrieder-Bennis, Executive Vice President of Weiss-Aug

On today’s show, Fran welcomes Elisabeth Weissenrieder-Bennis, the Executive Vice President of Weiss-Aug. Weiss-Aug is a company that provides custom insert molding, precision metal stamping, and assembly solutions to the automotive, medical, electronic, and semi-conductor industries. Beth has had over 15 years in the metal forming industry. Stay tuned to today’s episode to hear more about Beth’s role in manufacturing and what their company is doing with regards to skills acquisition, education, apprenticeship, and promoting women in manufacturing companies.

Lydia Di Liello, MBA – CEO and Founder of Capital Pricing Consultants

Today on The WAM Podcast we have Lydia Di Liello, CEO and founder of Capital Pricing Consultants. Hear all about Lydia’s passion and her reason for starting the company and her years of experience working in procurement at General Motors. Lydia and Frances shift to discussing proactive versus reactive pricing, why constantly lowering prices is detrimental to the industry, and what manufacturers can do to avoid price wars and reverse auctions. Lydia talks about instances where she has advised her clients to “fire” demanding customers and when she has encouraged them to lower their prices

Christina Fuges, Editorial Director of MoldMaking Technology

Christina Fuges, Editorial Director of MoldMaking Technology (MMT), joins Frances to talk to listeners about their unique publication for the mold manufacturing industry. Christina has 28 years of experience in trade publishing, is the technical conference director for the annual Amerimold expo, and is a contributing editor to Additive Manufacturing. Tuning in to this episode of the WAM Podcast, listeners will hear about the origins of MMT, what the brand focuses on, the importance of being both a print and digital publication, and how they encourage their print readership to also explore online content.

Toni Chiappetta, Founder of Sweetie Pies Bakery

Today’s guest, Toni Chiappetta, is the owner of this acclaimed bakery, which she grew out of her apartment kitchen! Not many bakeries can brag about their pumpkin pie being ranked number one in America by Rachael Ray. Sweetie Pies Bakery holds this accolade, along with being having been featured in Bon Appetit Magazine, Food & Wine Mag, and USA Today. Toni shows no sign of slowing down and Sweetie Pie continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Tune in today!

Rosemary Coates, Executive Director of the Reshoring Institute

This podcast features WAM’s two newest hosts, Frances Brunelle and Rosemary Coates, as they discuss different sides of the manufacturing industry and the impact that the global economy is having on manufacturing both domestically and internationally. Tune into this educational podcast with Frances and Rosemary today to learn about how these women are making significant waves in the Manufacturing industry.

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