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Women And Manufacturing Podcast

Where accomplished women empower accomplished women.

Frances Brunelle, Host

Building a Thriving Community with Kathryn Kelley

When the COVID-19 pandemic overtook our “normal” way of life, it also greatly impacted the manufacturing industry. Today’s WAM podcast guest, Kathryn Kelley, is the Executive Director of Ohio Manufacturing Institute. In this episode, Kathryn dives into the biggest challenges the manufacturing workforce faced as a direct result of the pandemic — from the upfront health and safety concerns to the struggles of finding skilled workforce and sourcing products that faced supply chain shortages.

Empowering Employees and Developing Sustainable Growth with Sheryl Corrigan

In today’s episode, Frances Brunelle speaks with Sheryl Corrigan, the Director of Environmental Health and Safety at Koch Industries, about what sets their company apart from other companies of its size. Sheryl explains how Koch’s founding principles of experimentation and entrepreneurship continue to guide the company in pursuing disruptive technologies as well as the competitive advantage that comes with manufacturing. They also discuss how disruption can be a disaster, additive manufacturing, and why Sheryl prefers to do business with private companies. For all this and more, join us today!

How Software Solutions Can Benefit Your Manufacturing Company with Tracy Coon

Tracy Coon joins us on the show today to explain how Blue Ridge, her software company, helps manufacturing companies optimize their processes, understand and utilize their data, and manage multiple locations. Tracy also talks us through one of her favorite real-world examples of how the Blue Ridge systems improved the processes of a particular company and the positive changes that the company saw as a result. If you think your company’s processes need a revamp, you have come to the right place! Accelerated Logo

Rebooting and Locking Down Company Culture with Karen Norheim

Today’s guest is Karen Norheim, who is the President of American Crane, an Equipment Corporation, with three locations in Pennsylvania, totaling over a quarter of a million square feet. She is a second-generation leader in the company and, during her tenure, she has sought to solidify the founder’s legacy, while also putting her own stamp on the company culture. In this episode, you hear from her who American Crane is, and she shares her opinion on the importance of solidifying company culture, why you need to put emphasis on having a happy and empowered workforce, and how that has changed over time.

Leading Youth Into the Manufacturing Industry with Kristin Carlson

Today on the WAM podcast, Frances Brunelle welcomes guest Kristin Carlson, President of Peerless Precision, Inc.., situated in Westfield, MA. Our guest today is passionate about informing kids and their parents that just because you go into a trade and start working right out of high school, does not mean that you lose the opportunity to go to college. More often than not, employers like herself want to invest in their employees and companies. Today, we welcome to the show, Kristin Carlson, who is President of Peerless Precision, Inc. in Westfield,…

Brand Awareness and Acquisitions with Sue Nordman

Today’s guest is Sue Nordman, President of Obsidian Manufacturing Industries, Inc., situated in Rockford, Illinois. In this episode, we talk to Sue about how she became President at Obsidian where she gets into the different roles her husband and herself perform at the company. Sue highlights some of the strategies she is using to keep her company top of mind online and in the manufacturing community, getting into the benefits of blogging, Twitter chats, and more. We also hear Sue’s thoughts about the two acquisitions she navigated shortly after stepping into her role and discuss some of the challenges of performing such a feat during a pandemic.

Growing Through Acquisitions with Elizabeth Paquette

Today we welcome to the show, Elizabeth Paquette. Liz is the Co-owner of Rock Valley Tool (RVT), a 50-year-old manufacturing company in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Liz left a special education career to acquire RVT, with her husband, who is the operations manager. Tune in today as we hear straight from Liz all about how she transitioned to manufacturing, how they are working with their community to bridge skill gaps, implementing high school co-op programs, how diversification has helped her company during COVID-19, and much, much more!

Going Digital in a Modern Market with Anna Korolekh of Oro Inc.

Today we welcome, Anna Korolekh Marketing Director at Oro, Inc. In this episode, we explore the incredible opportunities that arise from taking your business online. We open our conversation by unpacking Oro’s product offerings and how they help companies to digitize their business. We dive right into the important role that Client Relationship Management Systems — or CRMs — play when engaging with customers. From discussing how CRMs increase the efficiency of sales teams, we chat about how eCommerce can unlock quick and exponential business scaling. Tune in to hear more about how going digital is becoming a manufacturing standard.

Recognizing Opportunities, Solving Problems, and Finding Need with Courtney Wright

Courtney is the CEO of Gemini Builds It! and Showcase Acrylics. She is one woman who is making manufacturing cool in Chicago! In today’s episode, we delve into how Courtney and her team made an incredibly timely pivot providing a key product for the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic. She talks more about how she is driven to solve problems, continually finding new opportunities, and shares great advice about failing fast and prioritizing growth. Stay tuned for an insightful conversation with Courtney Wright.

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