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Northeast Based Metal Finishing & Coating Manufacturer Experiencing Incredible Growth

metal coating

Growth is a constant topic for any business hoping to find new customers and new revenue streams. Finding ways to expand has been no challenge for our Metal Finishing & Coating Manufacturer—they’ve nearly doubled their sales since 2016 and see no signs of stopping! Our client is a metal finishing job-shop that offers a variety of coating services. For the past few years, they have experienced incredible growth due to a number of factors including new product lines, AS9100 certification, and competitive pricing. The ability to boast AS9100 certification alone…

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Second Quarter 2018 Market Pulse Report – Positive Trends in Manufacturing

Positive Trends in Manufacturing

Here’s a Look at Three Positive Trends in Manufacturing Experts agree that right now is the hottest time to sell a business—especially in manufacturing M&A. The Market Pulse Report, published by the IBBA and Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, just released its 2018 Q2 report and things are looking great for business owners ready to sell. Here are a few key excerpts from the report: 1. Manufacturing M&A is hotter than hot The Market Pulse report accounts for acquisitions across various industries including business services, restaurants, wholesale, and more. Among these,…

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Advanced Machine & Engineering Co., Empowering the Next Generation of Skilled Machinists – Manufacturing High-Five Series

Empowering the Next Generation of Skilled Machinists In our Manufacturing High-Five Series, we like to give a shout out to manufacturers who are a great example to others in the areas of philanthropy, social media, web development, and education. This month’s featured company is Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. in Rockford, IL-a precision machine tool and metal cutting company fostering the next generation of skilled machinists. AME provides opportunities for young people to learn about careers in manufacturing through apprenticeship programs and frequent outreach. Even the title of their latest…

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Manufacturing Acquisition Lender Giving You Bad Advice?

Copyright: nito500 / 123RF Stock Photo Many lenders have plenty of experience in business acquisitions, but do they have specific experience with manufacturing? The acquisition of a manufacturing company is entirely different from acquisitions of restaurants, retail, or service companies. It’s important that your lender is experienced or at least knowledgeable in the industry, or you may be receiving irrelevant advice! We recently encountered a situation where a lender advised a buyer that he should not be paying above a 4x multiple for a business. After taking this position, this…

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Midwest Acquisition with Multiple Revenue Streams

Custom Machine Tool Builder

Everyone has heard the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” but what does that mean for manufacturers? In any business, diversifying revenue streams can reduce risk and generate new areas of income for the company. Does diversification in the manufacturing industry mean simply fabricating new parts and products? Not necessarily! There are plenty of areas for opportunity, from increasing capabilities to gaining distribution rights to acquisition of related entities. Putting your eggs into multiple baskets allows you to create an enterprise that will reach new pools of…

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Do’s and Do Not’s: A Buyer’s Guide to Working with a Business Broker

Copyright: Kurhan / 123RF Stock Photo   In the search for the perfect manufacturing acquisition, it can almost be guaranteed that you will be in contact with a business broker. A broker is a seller’s first line of defense against unqualified buyers. The impression you make on an intermediary will undoubtedly influence their opinion and recommendations to their client. In some cases, this impression can make or break your chances of purchasing the business! Here are some general tips for what to do and what NOT to do while communicating…

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Tips to a Smooth Acquisition Transition for Manufacturing

acquisition transition

Buying a company is the easy part. Once it’s in your hands, what do you do with it? How do you ensure its continued success as you step into the owner’s shoes? This acquisition transition doesn’t happen overnight and can even take a few years. There is no “right” way to integrate new leadership into the company, but below are some tips for a smoother acquisition transition. Enter With a Game Plan Throughout your research and acquisition of the company, you should be formulating an idea of how the company…

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